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20-12-2011, 20:52
Hi, that's the second thread I start here (my first one was about a scratchbuilt mkI land raider....well, it may be in a box somewhere by now, still unfinished...Machinator I'll buy your tracks soon :D ), this time I'll try to build a small force of Death Guard! It will be "heavy" converted ("true" scale, no art scale, just a little stretching no terminator parts!), mid-heresy ambiented and due to my poor painting skills it will be...commissioned to a pro painter, I'm contacting someone here in Italy...so until the army is not finished we'll not see any painted mini, sorry guys :(

well, let's post something


(it's blu-tac the white blob under the shoulder plates of the last guy, and yes I have some fusion lines to shave-off :shifty: )

C&C are welcomed.

EDIT: urgh I must add some milliput on the left leg of the last marine, it's really bad allineated :\ It was and experimental model, I usually stretch the legs at the ankle joint)

20-12-2011, 22:12
These guys are looking pretty good so far. Very nice use of a simple spacer to increase the height on them. Any chance of a scale shot so the height improvement?

21-12-2011, 14:27
Sure, two new marines and a standard marine for size comparison...


Anoter WIP project, an old starquest dreadnought. I'm trying to add details and make it more dynamic and nurglish...I'm also designing some close combats weapons, it's not easy due to the model design, but I'm pretty happy with the pictured one. The weapons will be all magnetized (c/c arm is already magnetized).


gosh, these hig-definition pics evidences so much any imperfection :\

the damned artificer
21-12-2011, 14:39
Very cool dude, keep it up and count me as subscribed!

21-12-2011, 17:43
They look a bit, shall I say, lanky. If you want bigger marines, you should probaly bulk up the chest as well?

21-12-2011, 19:59
@the damned artificer: thank you so much, I'm a big fan of your threads, I've lurked near from the beginnings your Lucius pattern Reaver Titan (and I considered so many times to try and make my own...but I can't efford so much work by now :( so I bought an old armorcast one from ebay).

@Jo-Jo: It's true, some of them seems a little overstretched...I think the problem is mainly in the chest. In my first take on "enlarging" space marines I added a spacer in the chest, to make them a little more bulky. To be honest I copied the work of another user (unfortunately I can't remember his nickname) of some years ago. This was the result, and I'm planning to recycle it for my future iron warriors ally for the death guard...


The problem is that I can't enlarge the forgeworld plague marines torsos, I think it's impossible to do, resin is not so easy to split apart in that way :\ I think adding some (aka: alot of) accessories to their belt, like spare ammos, pouches, grenades, severed heads, knives etc will help, what do you think?

Here is another experiment in space crusade dreadnought's close combat weapons, it lacks a segment (it will be twice as long). I think it's more iron warriorish than plaguish, isn't it?


30-12-2012, 12:00
yup, long time since last update, made some progress in the project with the new chaos marines codex.

stretched legs project gone forward, more anonymous poses and better casting (did you notice the 2mm added at the ankle?)

some updates and news on the plague marines (sarge's arm is magnetized)


starting some raptors...squad of 7/10 to do...

got many more pics to take

31-12-2012, 02:41
They're looking great

31-12-2012, 12:33
Nice kitbashing and plasticard work. And Im jelly of your casting skills.

19-03-2013, 14:12
Necro-update...what I said at the beginning? Oh, yes, very slow topic :P

My kitbashed Nurgle Sorcerer in Termy Armour. Not the best but nice rules for this guy. He will go with the Nurgle Obliterators (next to come)


pretty happy with him :)

20-03-2013, 21:42
Perhaps this thread is was your inspiration?

22-03-2013, 12:57
Nope, my credits are back to 2009 and property of Elusive71: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/31681-modelling-my-attempt-at-a-properly-scaled-40k-marine/ (dunno if I can post this link, if not I'm sorry and make penitence...), thus the stretched waist too. To be honest, the original torsos I've done are back to this period...it's a looong project :P However it's a great plog that of Guilliman, I use a very similar way for actual-scaling.

I'm unsure if it's better to reposition the obliterators so they looks bigger than the terminators...with the new resin ones it's easier...

29-03-2013, 19:14
Changed my mind and started basecoating some guys...from the pics they looks plain, but they received a complete basecoat with Vallejo model air medium brown, followed by a zenithal mud brown, zenithal US grey light and finally zenithal vallejo model color foundation white (thinned down with vallejo thinner...)

In real life it's really smooth how they come and the zenithal effect is visible...in the pics taken with only one near source of light they look just primed white :( sob

however there's some new guys so I'll show them


happy with most of them...shame that some legs show the signs of the added lenght :(

C&C welcomed

Red Skullz
30-03-2013, 17:30
Looks great so far mate! When will we see a test fig for the paintscheme?


Thitanium Prince
30-03-2013, 17:52
Wonderful stuff, the conversions are never exaggerated and really fit the theme. I'm really looking forward to see the completed dread! :D (and obviously for the painted results ;) )

06-04-2013, 15:56
@Red Skullz: thankyou very much, I hope to have a first test figure next week, I'm waiting for some AK-Interactive weathering products in the mail...I'm not so good in layering and painting, so I'll try to make a simple but effective "very worn" effect using rust effect, chipping, pigments and very light washes over the power armour. Hope it will work!

@ThitaniumPrince: Thanks! I'm very tempted to switch the dread to a pre-heresy army being the hellbrute so underpowered in game terms :(

Here come some piccies

new plague guys waiting primer

dead guy as objective marker (PiP, made using bad casted legs lol, it will receive big amount of dirt to cover major miscast, ah, the bolter lacks the grip due to cat attack...need to replace it)

ohhh I was so happy, nurgle obliterators are strong, take a lot of points and they can be assembled as sculpted so finally a fast unit to assemble, no time-consuming converting works...oh....ups, I did it again :(

C&C are welcome as usually :)

Red Skullz
06-04-2013, 16:04
That sounds good in my book :)


02-07-2013, 14:10
no updates due small amount of time but works go on...this is a WiP test mini...got to do shoulder pads (with FW decals), red eye lenses, RUST (modelmates rust effect on the way)



C&C appreciated!

18-02-2014, 14:10
I'll try to resurrect that project...that never really stopped...I've managed to get some pics of the first (nearly)finished miniatures, well they lacks lens effects and the predator lacks his weapons but the overall chromatics are definitive I think ^_^

hope you like them!


21-05-2015, 13:37
I'll try to resurrect that project...that never really stopped...I've managed to get some pics of the first (nearly)finished miniatures, well they lacks lens effects and the predator lacks his weapons but the overall chromatics are definitive I think ^_^

hope you like them!


Now that I a'm finishing up my Thunderhawk I am looking at vehicles to support it. your derelict rhino seems to fit the bill ideally, thanks for the post.