View Full Version : 2000 point lizardman army

22-12-2011, 00:07
the idea is to be stegadon heavy, as heavy as i can be for 2000 points

debating whether or not to go with a skink chief on a stegadon with the lance and ignore magic or go with a priest on a stegadon for hot engine of the gods action

skink priest w/cube of darkness on ancient stegadon with engine of the gods
skink chief w/stegadon war spear on ancient stegadon

72 skink skirmishers in 7 units

3 stegadons

4 terradons

1 ancient stegadon

the game plan would be to push the stegadons together and take out cannons with the terradons while the skirmishers flank.

22-12-2011, 00:22
you need magic defense...pit of shades could kill everyone of the stegs...

22-12-2011, 06:39
Agreed, but unlikely that you would get 6 pits off in one game without one of those stegs killing something or a miscast.

Lizardmen can have the ultimate magic defense:

Slann with becalming cogitation, maybe cupped hands for offense/defense
Priest with cube of darkness
Priest with D.scroll
Priest with diadem of power
Priest with curse charm of tepok

So that gives you 2 dispel scrolls, one of which deletes the enemy magic phase, one enemy mage cant roll any 6's, when your opponent rolls a miscast you can get them to roll a more nasty result, when you miscast you can give it to the enemy and you can save two power dice each turn to use as dispel dice.