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22-12-2011, 13:35
I have a tourny coming up next month and while being an OK player from the last book I've yet to get any games in with the new book. Most of the WFB from my area have moved or switched systems so no real chance to get any games in before the tourny.

Based on internet listing and cool new toys this is what I came up with list wise:

Hints or tips?


Slaughtermaster (goes with Ironguts)
Level 4 Upgrade
Lore of the Great Maw

Bruiser (Battle Standard Bearer/goes with Ironguts)

Firebelly (goes in with Bulls)
Dispel Scroll

6 Bulls
Standard Bearer

8 Ironguts
Standard Bearer (Banner of Eternal Flame)

2 Mournfang Cavalry
Heavy Armour

2 Mournfang Cavalry
Heavy Armour





22-12-2011, 13:59
That slaughtermaster is going to make your opponent cry

22-12-2011, 17:46
I think you should drop-
Champions in all of the units.

Pick up-
More Mournfangs
another sabretusk
Lookout gnoblars for both of the ogre units
more ogres.

As you said in your op, the ogres have some new toys. That is exactly what they are, toys. Fun to play with, not really cost effective or nessasary. Other will argue on the Iron Blaster, the Firebelly and someone may even argue for the tundertusk. You will find however that they all fall short in effectiveness vs the common Irongut, particularly with your list.

The Firebelly is made redundant with you including the banner of eternal flame for your ironguts. The Ironblaster is made redundant with the inclusion of the sabretusks. The Thundertusk is just redundant.

The purpose of the firebelly is to provide a secondary mage for dispells, fireball ethereals and other small elite units, and to remove regen from units in close combat. His most useful attribute is the last, removing regen from units in close combat, especially in tournament play. His point cost is way to high for this however as you have already included the ability to do this with the banner of eternal flame. I'd drop him to save valuable points to spend elsewhere.

The Ironblaster seems to be the other new darling of ogre players everywhere, the first being mournfang cav. It seems like a decent flanker and a good way to threaten warmachines turn 1. With the problem is is that cannons don't threaten blocked ogre units so well anymore with the 8th edition rule changes with less then a 66% chance to kill the first ogre. So cannons will need a new target, namely characters and solo monsters. The best target would be one that threatens the cannons themselves. The thundertusk shoots right to the top of that list and many have found that they don't survive the first turn. As a flanker they fall short of a unit of 2 mournfang cav and for close to the same point value. It would almost be playing with a handicap using one.

The thundertusk was killed by the ogre errata. With it effecting models and not units, it will fail in making enough models strike last, its primary role, to make much of an impact in the age of hordes. To make matters worse you could simply field more ogres and get the job done better. I won't care that my opponent strikes first when my extra 8 ogres strike back anyway.

The last additions I would make would be a defensive piece on both the BSB and the Slaughtermaster. The Armour of Destiny, the Talisman of Preservation, and the Fencer Blades all make for excellent choices.