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zellen von swirl
22-12-2011, 20:04
Hello there all

This is my first ever Thread and really looking forward to doing it.

This army is for a Doubles Tournament me and my friend are doing next year

Its basically a heresy army some models are mutating into chaos

hope you enjoy can't wait to see what people think

Pics To Come

22-12-2011, 23:06
Welcome to the board! I look forward to your contributions. Mutations are always a fun theme to see!

zellen von swirl
24-12-2011, 16:47
Here are my first pics hope you like
short Progress Report

Semi possessed squad (under the leadership of Sergeant) Ahiezer
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/404920_10150423423476467_512166466_8762733_7989061 81_n.jpg

Non Possessed Squad (under the leadership of Sergeant Pe’er)
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/383702_10150423422391467_512166466_8762727_1149057 880_n.jpg

And The converted Dreadclaw
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/403193_10150423421211467_512166466_8762708_1589628 355_n.jpg
More to come hope you like merry xmas Warseer

24-12-2011, 18:50
nice work, were or how you do the shoulder pads ?

24-12-2011, 19:00
looks like bits from the Sanguinary Guard

zellen von swirl
24-12-2011, 19:02
thank you the shoulder pads are blood angel bits with the blood symbol chopped off and the the moon bit from the high angels archers kit with the little ribbon bit chopped off glad you like

25-12-2011, 20:57
I like the Dreadclaw. Good work.

zellen von swirl
26-12-2011, 17:59
Forgeworld Rhino/Razorback

I do understand that Razorback where not created during the heresy, but i want to convert it into a sonic tank with transport (beauty of chaos). But as this is my first tournament I don't know how up tight people are going to be with the hole wysiwyg thing so i am just covering all my basses. Don't want to have to forfeit because someone won't play me, plus should i make a storm bolter hatch just incase? (so here it is)

Razorback T/L assault cannon

http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/379792_10150426943736467_512166466_8781490_2150553 81_n.jpg

zellen von swirl
08-01-2012, 14:26
sorry for the slow upload down in Essex with the in-laws so not got any models with me :( as soon as i get home will be uploading my dread claw (drop pod)

08-01-2012, 14:31
Lovely style of construction and painting, I'll be keeping an eye on your work :)

Nice idea with the Dreadclaw.

zellen von swirl
14-01-2012, 21:35
New Update

Sorry for the slow upload guys but xmas and all that jazz

wanted to have this finished by now but no such luck just one side done would like to know what you think......

http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/402358_10150461804906467_512166466_8932900_1235571 123_n.jpg

zellen von swirl
17-01-2012, 13:36
Quick Photo update before I go work

hope you like some are wip and some are done

Battle Brother finished
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/408860_10150466740071467_512166466_8952571_1541601 923_n.jpg

Battle Brother finished
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/381048_10150466741481467_512166466_8952575_2594168 17_n.jpg

Battle Brother finished
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/399969_10150466741391467_512166466_8952574_2064437 539_n.jpg

Sergeant Ahiezer
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/404930_10150466687701467_512166466_8952263_1448349 547_n.jpg

Gun needed WIP
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/387828_10150466741166467_512166466_8952572_9970381 69_n.jpg

Some Small bits need washes WIP
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/409314_10150466742626467_512166466_8952577_9512486 27_n.jpg

Needs Arms Backpack etc WIP
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/388558_10150466741561467_512166466_8952576_1578371 917_n.jpg

Backpack Needed
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/403817_10150466741281467_512166466_8952573_2142660 578_n.jpg

Small Group shot of the finished Semi Possessed Marines
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/408642_10150466688901467_512166466_8952273_1349497 367_n.jpg

pls comment

dreadclaw being painted slowly but its on its way

17-01-2012, 13:42
Good to see some more EC love on the board; are you working towards a list yet or just models you like?

zellen von swirl
17-01-2012, 13:50
yeah working on a list 875pts to do a doubles torn with me mate not to competitive just wanna have fun and gives me a excuse to finally get a army semi finished

Captian - w/ storm shield , lightening claw

Tac squad x10 - Power fist, combi melta, Melta gun, multi melta

Tac squad x10 - Power fist, storm bolter, melta gun

Razorback - twin link assault cannon

Drop pod

Predator - side sponser heavy bolter, autocannon

Predator - side sponser lascannon, autocannon

There are little bits and bobs in there as well I think just trying to remember it off the top of me head

17-01-2012, 14:48
Very nice, fan of the OSL on the eyes well done, great stuff :)

zellen von swirl
23-02-2012, 00:16
UPdate coming in the next few days been very busy with work but bits ordered and done some other models from my tactical squads but will put them up with the rest

zellen von swirl
23-02-2012, 23:37

Some pics for you guys nearly sorted my tac squads now so colse to finishing them i can smell it lol

Still some of dreadclaw to do and also razorback and two predators!!!!!!!!!!!!

so hear is some pics for you all

Sonic weaponry guy has a melta gun magnetised atm but will be changing to a sonic weapon when completed
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/397000_10150547736851467_512166466_9184485_1300274 625_n1.jpg

Normal marine all finished
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/424070_10150547733816467_512166466_9184467_1044706 376_n.jpg

Semi finished marine throwing damaged helmet to the floor
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/419118_10150547736651467_512166466_9184483_8195571 02_n.jpg

Normal Marine w/knife???? he looks shy makes me laugh when i look at him so i kept him
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/418480_10150547736606467_512166466_9184482_1139672 000_n.jpg

Normal marine finished
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/418272_10150547729556467_512166466_9184451_1062782 2_n.jpg

Sergeant tried osl from powerfist to shoulder pad pls tell me what you think first time trying
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/418037_10150547737941467_512166466_9184489_5556194 12_n.jpg

Normal guy completed
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/402718_10150547737091467_512166466_9184487_6960462 12_n.jpg

Onto my marine that i am using in 1500pts games only 3 done but getting started and these are just mocks

First my version of kantor need him for sternguard
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/418087_10150547731836467_512166466_9184458_1233693 290_n.jpg

Next skull marine holds a skull in is hand no idea why might be a power skull lol
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/429462_10150547732141467_512166466_9184461_1451917 752_n.jpg

and lastly fully magnetised marine to turn into vanguard if needed this is what they may all look like when completed
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/427756_10150547733446467_512166466_9184466_2097940 868_n.jpg

zellen von swirl
23-02-2012, 23:52
second part only two images

Melta marine nice pre heresy meltagun and based which is very good for me lol
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/431148_10150547776761467_512166466_9184571_9943423 73_n.jpg

and last my semi finished marine ran out of wash GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
http://i1082.photobucket.com/albums/j376/dannyv420/Emperors%20children%20update/404928_10150547736926467_512166466_9184486_1569216 770_n.jpg