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22-12-2011, 22:51
500: Keeper (siren song, soul hunger) lv1 [daemon lore of slaanesh]

120: Herald of Slaanesh (siren song, torment blade)
165: Herald of Tzeentch (master of sorcery, spellbreaker) lv2 [lore of shadow]
215: Herald of Khorne BSB (armour of khorne, banner of dispair)

126: 10 Horrors (musician)
163: 10 Daemonettes (musician, banner, standard of exctacy)
391: 28 Bloodletters (FC, icon of eternal war)

55: Fiend
55: Fiend
105: 3 Flamers
105: 3 Flamers

want to fit some more flamers into the army but not sure what i could drop tbh.

23-12-2011, 07:49
10 daemonettes with a herald is going to get chewed apart very very quickly. Either ditch or reduce the number of letters to bump up their numbers

23-12-2011, 08:14
10 daemonettes with a herald is going to get chewed apart very very quickly. Either ditch or reduce the number of letters to bump up their numbers

I second this

23-12-2011, 21:16
not so much with mindrazor and a siren song to pull in high-armour things (knights etc...). plus, with the stubborn banner, it still works as an anvil unit against a lot of things

24-12-2011, 08:38
With toughness 3. They'll not make combat intact. And mindrazor is quite difficult for a level 2 to get off.

27-02-2012, 23:23
well it hasnt performed too badly so far

29-02-2012, 17:29
Why even bother asking for feedback if you're not going to take it on board? I can't speak for your opponents, but in my gaming circle those Daemonettes would last two turns at best.

29-02-2012, 18:28
The 10 Daemonettes will do some damage if you can get them into the right combat without taking any damage on the way in... however, there are just way too many armies (pretty much everything except WoC, and even then a Hellcannon will swing it) that will look at them and think, cool, free points- and with the herald in there, they are way too expensive for that to be a good idea.

You need to get them up to a decent size, and to do so I think you could cut 3 of the Flamers. At the moment you've got too many little units, none of which can take any real punishment.

29-02-2012, 21:40
It might be worth dropping the horrors,adding winged horror on the tzeench herald..then bumping tho's deamonettes up to 20.
Another thing todo,drop 1 unit of flamers,then make the other a unit of 4 you can then put some furies in...and also use them as a bunker for your tzeench herald.hope that helps.

29-02-2012, 23:21
10 nettes indeed is giving away free points, especially with a herald for good measure. 20 Nettes is optimal in my opinion, not too big to draw to much uber spell attention ( dwellers like stuff is going to cost you 10 but hey, something's gotta give) but the biggest no go in your list isn't 10 nettes, it's a greater daemon. Pretty much any competitive army is going to mow that baby down before he gets to see any combat. Dark elves: crossbows Dwarves empire: big ass canonball , lizards: skinks , fellow daemon bro's : flamers in short: Don't bring one if you want to play competetive. Drop the Kipper, bump up the nettes, add another unit of flamers and some doggies since you are lackin some speed otherwise.

Just my 2 cents if you want to win, if you enjoy playing GD's go ahead, i love em to but I just got tired of seeing 500 points go down the drain in turn 1 in every tournament i attended with my kipper list.

01-03-2012, 01:03
totally disagree, greaters do just fine in GT's if you handle them right. mine goes down once per event on average (5-6 game events) and both of the most recent times it's happened ended in massacre wins to me despite losing the GD. the siren song will go a long way to protecting her as well. just keep practicing, once you figure out how to keep her alive vs double ironblasters you'll be fine. and a GD is auto-win vs some armies at 2k.

05-03-2012, 21:16
2,000 points for daemons is rough. Most tourneys are 2,400-2,500 competitive to give armies like daemons a chance with their lord choice. I suggest bumping this list to one of those point costs.

Remove Horrors ( they are just worst daemonettes)

Daemonetters are ok, Bloodletters are far supieror, however if you choose to run nettes then they should easily be in a unit of 25+ This goes with the bloodletters too.

Flamers should be in units of 6

HoT should have life, if you choose shadow then your entire core should be daemonetters