View Full Version : Stupidity and leaving the board

22-12-2011, 21:57
Ok this came up in a game today

My unit of trolls butcherd its way through a unit and ended up at the edge of the board.

2 Failed stupidity tests later and they stumble off the edge of the table.

What happens now? Are they considerd lost like a pannic'd unit leaving the board, or can they come back next turn?

A rules reference would be good for answers.

22-12-2011, 23:19
The only models that may not return to the battlefield are panicked units. I would treat them the same as a unit which pursued a fleeing unit off the battlefield, or a frenzied unit with overran past the edge. Either way, whether you allow them back or not, they would not be considered points for victory. Since they were neither destroyed nor were they panicked off the battlefield (page 143 dead or fled)

22-12-2011, 23:25
Page 27 holds your clear answer.

The stupid unit was not overrunning, so it will hit the table edge and stop. They will continue to lurk facing that edge till they stop being stupid.

23-12-2011, 09:08
Spot on, thankyou kind Sir