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23-12-2011, 14:45
This is my first time building a O&G list, and will be my first time playing with them. Please let me know what you think.

Total Roster Cost: 2199

Lords: 550pts

Orc Warboss
Sword of Strife
Armour of Fortune
Potion of Speed

Grimgor Ironhide

Heroes: 314pts

Orc Big Boss
Extra Hand Weapon
Gambler's Armour

Orc Shaman
Level 2 Upgrade

Goblin Shaman
Level 2 Upgrade
Dispel Scroll

Special: 405pts

Black Orcs
30 boyz w/ full command + flaming banner

Core: 560pts
Night Goblin Mob
20 Night Goblins with bows, + Musician Mus + Standard Bearer + Nets
2 Fanatics

Night Goblin Mob
20 Night Goblins with bows, + Musician Mus + Standard Bearer + Nets
2 Fanatics

Boyz Mob
25 boyz w/ full command and extra hand weapon

RARE: 370pts

Arachnarok Spider
Goblin Doom Diver Catapult

23-12-2011, 17:55
Savage Orcs will do a lot more than Boyz

23-12-2011, 18:45
I think you are severely lacking in troop numbers and you have way too many points in Lords and Heroes.

Your units are too small. In 2200 games most opponents units are going to be steadfast and against OnG, thats not a good thing. (Most OnG armies rely on getting steadfast, especially with goblins).

Since there are no other good targets, that spider isnt going to last beyond turn 2 if your opponent can help it.

Just my 2 cents

23-12-2011, 19:20
Drop the 'general'. Even if you take a second Warboss, then you STILL want Grimgor to be the general. He has the best possible armour save, AND a ward save. And he'll kill most things in a challenge.
Drop the warboss for a lvl 4 (savage) Orc Shaman. Then drop the lvl 2 Orc Shaman (I'm even not conviced on the Gobbo Shaman. If you do take him, then take a NG. He's 5pts less, and gets extra dice to his spells. Good thing to use him as Scroll Caddy.
Note on Grimgor: I actually wouldn't take him under at LEAST 2.500 points. He's a HUGE points investment, wich can cost you dearly at this low points value.

Like Tmrichards said, Savage Orcs are WAY better then normal Orcs. Switch them, unless you've already bought tons of those orcs, or want to play more fluff-wise. If you do take Savage Orcs, then switch the normal lvl 4 for a Savage and give him the Lucky Shrunken head, improving their save.
Either way, upgrade them to Big'uns. The extra S and WS always come in handy. especially at this low point level. Possibly add some models (5-10).
Abouth the NG's: add at least 1 NG to each unit. I know it might seem useless, but it does make it that bit harder to cause panic trough shooting. (actually, i never use less then 25). Drop ALL command upgrades on them. The only thing worth is the muso, and I even dropped that one recently, and haven't regret it so far. That gives you 40 points extra. Add some extra (Savage) Orcs.

Nice unit, altough I think your just fielding them for Grimgor. Still, pretty hard unit. You could keep it (and if you free up some points from other stuff, enlarge it even. 40 (Savage) orcs and 40 Black orcs are a fearsome sight).

Doom Diver: you'll LOVE it. I know I do. (unless you roll misfire).
Arachnarok: nice model, haven't EVER used it, so don't take this for granted, but I doubt his use in a battle. It's a tough guy, but most armies will have something to take it down. Added problem is that IF they destroy it, you've just lost alot of points.
With the points the Spiddy frees up, do the rest I said (Big'Uns, extra orcs, few extra NG's), and if you've got some points left then, add a Mangler or extra Doom Diver (or both!!) :D

Hope this helps.

23-12-2011, 20:23
Thanks for the input. I am use to playing Warriors of Chaos where I do not need as many troops.

I see how savage orcs are better a better option, I wanted to keep the savages out because I prefer the other models more. If I do take them, is the big chappa worth it for the impact hits?

23-12-2011, 20:37
Nah, leave the choppa / stabba at home. If you're playing to win though, I'd second taking savages instead of normal orcs. Especially if you can take the shrunken head - they're just massively better.

Against Chaos, you must have numbers. You need to be steadfast even after he kills 15-20 orcs off the unit.

I agree with some of Glenn's points: Grimgor is too many points for a game this size. I'd consider sinking that much on a wizard, but not a combat lord. He just won't do enough damage to pay for himself.

The arak is very useful. It's main benefit is pure speed; with its free pivots and 16" march, it's amazingly quick for such a tough monster. I'd keep it.

Swap Grimgor and the level 2 orc for a level 4 orc shaman, and pump the free points into more models. Goblin units should be at least 40 models strong, and orc units at least 30. (Some people never take 'combat' goblin units below 70..)

If you have the model, take a mangler squig. They're outstanding :) (or a second doom diver for those pesky chaos knights)

23-12-2011, 22:27
I meant to say that I am normally the one playing Warriors of Chaos. I normally bring a pretty evil list (2 hell cannons, and a lvl 4 on a disc) and my friend wants me to try something different.

We both are practicing for Adepticon, so he wants to play against something besides Warriors of Chaos for the next 4 months.

23-12-2011, 22:53
firstly, your blocks need to be like 35-40 man blocks minimum. if you use boyz, make them biguns and give them second choppas..savages are better for one point more because they get warpaint and frenzy, and you could give a shaman the lucky shrunken head and give the whole unit a 5+ ward with it...don't take the staba. if you take he black orcs, then dont rely on them as a huge attack force, i usually use them with like 20 or maybe 25, give them command and not even bother with shields and add the flamming banner...with 20 that only costs about 285 points and is a solid support unit, or with the flaming attacks can take on things like the war hydra and trolls...between a block of 40 or so savages/biguns with 20 or o black orcs, a savage shamen with lucnky shrunken head...that will run you about 1000 points....add your general tecked out with gear and add a shamen lord, add a orc bsb, a block of like 50 gobos and add a gobo fighter and agobo shamen, another 1000 points or so...with the extra 500 points, you could go big spider, some trolls ( which are underated in my opinion), some calvary like 10 wolf riders, or some boar boys, and off course doom divers and rock lobbas.

23-12-2011, 23:15
Yea. I think you really just need three blocks in a good O&G list.

Savage Big uns (With head pref) 40 man
Black Orcs (Some prefer trolls, but I personally like my Black Orcs) 30-40
Night Gobbos 70 man.... 1-2 fanatics, and nets

TBH, I think Grimgor is good against WOC/LM. really. he eats those high T/armor saves. Probably won't pay for himself, but having him in an army is kinda cool.