View Full Version : need tips for Storm of Magic

23-12-2011, 17:49
hey guys,
2 friends of mine played a HUGE (5K) SoM game yesterday. It made me wanna play it too.
I've only played it on smaller scale (2K) like 2ce when it just came out.

Are there any people who can give me tips what's good and bad, or tactics??

Btw, I'm probally taking Dark Elves with Morathi. it's the only army of wich I can field ALOT of points. the game is Probally going to be 3.5-4K or something

All help is apreciated!!

23-12-2011, 18:36
OO morathi in storm of magic could potentially be VERY evil :D

23-12-2011, 18:41
yeah, and I own the model, just never used her. Thinking of giving her the re-roll succesfull ward save thing, and sending her on a fulcrum-hunting tour.

I just don't know wich Items or bound monsters are good. I mean most monsters have an impressive statline, but that doesn't make them good. Same for the items. I'll probally take the windcatcher Prism.

Here's what I had in mind:

lvl 4 Shadow OR Dreadlord on Black Dragon

lvl 2 (no idea on lore)
Malus Darkblade
Lokhir Fellhart

40 Corsairs
10 Cold One Knights

2 Hydra
2 Bolt Throwers

Windcatcher Prism
Possibly Cockatrice (as I own the model)

23-12-2011, 19:36
Give the level 2 fire just for the fireball barrage spell and that would be a good list for storm

23-12-2011, 20:23
this is the army list I made:

LORDS: 785
495 Morathi: Darksword, the Other Tricksters Shard
290 Supreme Sorceress: lvl 4 (shadow), seal of Ghrond,

250 Lokhir Fellhart
180 Death Hag BSB: Standard of hag Graef, Dance of Doom
160 Sorceress: lvl 2, Dispell Scrol
200 Death hag: Cauldron

CORE: 1103+151
450 40 Corsairs: FC, Sea Serpent Standard, 2 hand weapons
151 Assassin: 2 hand weapons, rune of khaine, touch of death
183 24 Spearmen
240 20 Crossbowmen: FC, shields
120 12 Crossbowmen

310 10 Cold One Knights: FC
295 20 Black Guard: FC
390 30 Executioners: FC
225 20 Witch Elves: FC

RARE: 450
175 Hydra
175 Hydra
100 Bolt Thrower

just need to take the magic/scrolls of binding.
this list is 4499 points. so I'll probally challenge my friend to a 4.5K battle