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23-12-2011, 21:49
Hi all, this is a provisional list for the Sheffield Slaughter (UK) in January. It's an open-list tourny, with quite heavy comp: Max 2 bonus power dice per turn total, max 2 war machines of each type, max 90 shots per turn, no unit above 450 points inc cmd etc, and for Empire, steam tanks 0-1. (Lots of other restrictions for other races). Some specific Special Characters are banned, but in general they're okay. BUT there's a bonus 200 vps for killing a lord-level special character. Hence my uncertainty about the below, but I really like Balthasar!

Here's what I'm thinking of taking. I'm trying to avoid making a gunline, and instead wanted to have magical dominance, enough toys to kill some gribblies, and some punch to go meet the enemy on turn 2 or 3.

Balthasar Gelt
For refence, Balthasar is a loremaster (metal), with +6 to cast, and immunity to his first miscast. He's on a pegasus, and has a 3+ ward against shooting.

Arch Lector, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Sword of Might

Captain, BSB, Plate Armour, Enchanted Shield

50 Halberdiers, FC
+10 Crossbowmen
30 Halberdiers, FC
+5 free company
5 Knights, Great Weapons
5 Knights, Great Weapons

29 Greatswords, Std, Mus

Steam Tank


My basic question is, are there any mage builds for the Empire that are similarly powerful? What characters would you take to get a ballance between getting lots of spells off, and good defence. (2 dd, and +4 to dispel).

Obviously I'm not trying to win this, but I'd like to have fun with a varied list and place somewhere in the middle.

26-12-2011, 14:18
Nice list! Would like to play a tournament with this one!!

26-12-2011, 17:35
Actually I think it's pretty solid list. I'm nOt a huge fan of two blocks of knights though. I would consider taking one block of about 7 or 8. With extra points I would take dawn stone on bsb and maybe add a level one Mage.

30-12-2011, 18:09

The reason for the knights is that it gives me some limited counter-punch (they can often get a charge against chariots etc, rather than have them charge me). Also at a push they can serve as throwaway units/speedbumps to steer the enemy blocks so my infantry can get a flank in. Basically I would take one unit of knights and one of pistoliers, but the pistoliers always seem to get shot before they do anything useful. Knights are that bit more survivable.

Another mage would be nice, just as a scroll caddy, but with +6 to cast for Balthasar I don't think he'd get my power dice very often. The issue being that if Balthasar dies early (eg enemy cannonfire), then it's a 600-vp swing to the enemy including the special character bonus, which would likely hand them the game.

30-12-2011, 19:35
Looks like a nice list. I'd try to get another knight in each unit though. Formed up 3x2 works better for empire knights most of the time then 5x1. You won't get steadfast against monsters and the like but those sorts of things will kill at least one knight and then you wouldn't have steadfast anyway. 3x2 means you get 6 attacks on one target. Wouldn't mind seeing a banner of eternal flame on one of the units to deal with regen hard targets but that's as much as a knight.

Usually the empire wizard of choice is a level 4 life wizard with 4++ save and rod of power. You will usually have extra dispell dice to carry over to your power dice pool so that makes up for the +6 to cast and if he dies he isn't such a huge loss in vp's.

30-12-2011, 19:51
true that.