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Death Korp
24-12-2011, 15:01
Hello all,

I'm in the process of collecting a new army. At the moment, it probably will be VC, but I'll have to have a look at what the models look like before I collect them. But, my back up plan is the Empire. The army apart from the O&G that I always come back to thinking about collecting, then I buy more Marines... but here is the list I probably will be collecting for the core of my eventual 4000pt army:


GotE: 216pts
*Full Plated Armour
*Sword of Power
*Crown of Command


Captain: 127pts
*Armour of Destiny

Battle Wizard: 130pts
*Dragonbane Gem
*Dispel Scroll

Warrior Priest: 133pts
*Armour Of Meteoric Iron
*Great Weapon


40x Halberdiers: 270pts
*Full Command
*Banner of Eternal Flame
*Det: 5 Handgunners

30x Swordsmen: 245pts
*Full Command
*Det: 5 Handgunners

10x Handgunners:80pts

10x Handgunners:80pts

10x Crossbowmen: 80pts

11x Knights of the Inner Circle: 341pts
*Full Command
*Banner of Swiftness

5x Knights: 123pts


Great Cannon: XXXpts

Mortar: XXpts

2000pts Exactly.

So yeah, not that many toys, and lots of infantry, knights and firepower. I have a lot of points in the General and Warrior Priests KotIC retinue, but they'll form a hard hitting flank unit. I know Great Weapons on Knights are better, but come on, lances are cooler.

Planned additions will be 30 Greatswords and another lvl 2, and then 30 Flagellants and a Helstrom. Hopefully then, I'll be able to add new book additions if it comes out soon!

The most important thing about this list is the sheer scale of it: It'll look impressive on the battlefield with all the flags and masses of infantry. Hopefully, it'll play ok !

Cheers all,

25-12-2011, 12:47
What lore is the level 2 rocking? I'm digging the nice halberdier unit. Seems like a fairly balanced army, little light on magic IMO but different playstyles warrant different amounts of magic.

25-12-2011, 15:27
i would put the priest in the block units and drop the small unit of knigts, and add more aritllery...other than that it looks pretty nice.