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Khornies & milk
24-12-2011, 22:40
Hi, need some hard critique on this list. I've placed an order for the models in this list already so I need help with the actual builds of each unit (Wargear/Magic items, etc), not necessarily the units I've chosen.

I'm a noob as far as Fantasy goes, so it might be a mess:D

LORD 369

Slaughtermaster (Level 4 Wizard)
Talisman of Preservation
Crown of Command
Lore of the Great Maw


Bruiser (BSB) 209
Armour of Destiny
Dispel Scroll

Firebelly (Level 2 Wizard) 164
Heavy Armour (5+ AS)
Great Weapon
Ironcurse Icon
Potion of Speed
Lore of Fire

CORE 688

Ironguts (7) 341
Heavy Armour
Bellower/Standard Bearer w/ Standard of Discipline
Look Out Gnoblar

Ogres (10) 347
Bellower/Standard Bearer
Look Out Gnoblar


Mournfang Cavalry (4) 350
Heavy Armour
Musician/Standard Bearer w/ Dragonhide Banner

Leadbelchers (6) 258
Heavy Armour (5+ AS)

Sabertusk 21

Sabertusk 21

RARE 420

Ironblaster 170

Thundertusk 250

SM and BSB go in the Ogre unit, Firebelly in the IG's...might need to be the other way round.

Is the Thundertusk a boost for the Mournfangs, or it might be more advantageous to have them boost the Core units. Or maybe drop it entirely to get more bodies in the Core units?

Thanks for all the help.

Lord Inquisitor
24-12-2011, 22:50
overall it's pretty solid. You've got a bit of everything and it'll tick all the boxes. I'd give your slaughtermaster a great weapon or look at a magic weapon - with no magic weapons you're a bit vulnerable to etherials.

Your BSB can't have a dispel scroll.

Khornies & milk
25-12-2011, 01:16
Thanks, good to know I'm on track , and it's an easy swap around of those 25 pts then.

25-12-2011, 14:06
Firebelly can't use armour

25-12-2011, 16:31
i wouldnt waste the dawns stone on rerolling the armor save of 5+ anyway, i would just go with a ward instead. also i would try to maximize your shooting with the belchers by breaking them up into two units of 3...

25-12-2011, 23:07
There are some mistakes in the list:

A Bruiser is not a wizard, so he can't have an arcane item like the Dispel Scroll.

The Leadbelchers have no options for heavy armour or Ironfists.

A Great Weapon means the Firebelly always strikes last, so the Potion of Speed is pointless. Even his breath weapon is done at the same time as his other attacks, so it won't help there either.

Lord Inquisitor
26-12-2011, 03:07
No, the breath weapon is at initiative.

26-12-2011, 09:25
I stand corrected.

The other two points still hold though. Also your Slaughtermaster is only 368 and your Ogres 345 points

On the whole, your list looks solid but I can't bring myself to fully like it. First of all, you really need a Dispel Scroll on one of your Wizards. Ideally, and I have also just recently made that step, both the Scroll on the Firebelly (as he won't need a Dawn Stone) and the Hellheart on the Master (who doesn't really need a Ward Save, 5 wounds, the Lore Attribute and the possibility of Trollguts make him really hard to kill by anyone short of Skulltaker or other Heroic Killing Blow guys).

Secondly, your Slaughtermaster should go into the Ironguts to benefit from their Banner of Discipline. That is the only way you can have an Ld 9 general and you need that. It works, because only the unit cannot benefit from the General's Inspiring Presence (but they'll have Ld 9 anyway), but other units in the army can.

I personally find 4 Mournfangs too many and prefer 2 times 2, but there are arguments for both sides. Mine are outriders for an Ironguts horde while yours are linebreakers, so I guess 4 is better.