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Horned Doomsayer
25-12-2011, 01:39
Okay guys,

I put together a bit of an unusual list for beastmen. Ive been playing them for a few years now but have never fielded a chariot. Ive got pretty much every model going (total around 5000 pts) and decided i wanted expand my army further still.

Im not looking for new lists just comments on if the list would work or what you think of it. I basically went for a quick into battle themed army.

Malagor, the dark omen 350pts (since he can fly can keep up)

Wargor, Razogor chariot, GW, HA 173pts

3x Tuskgor chariots 240pts
2x 10 chaos warhounds 120pts (screens,redirects,nuisance)

2x Razogor chariots 290pts

Jabberslythe 275pts

total 1,448pts

25-12-2011, 01:44
Interesting idea but I see one problem. You will have problems against big blocks in close combat. If you like the fast units then I would droP the chariots and add big unit of Calvary

Horned Doomsayer
25-12-2011, 01:53
i was thinking of charging in say 2 chariots per block(x1 razor,x1 tuskgor), hoping that impact hits would cause large amounts of damage before combat even begun. The razor is pretty mean on the charge (str 6).

Was just an idea, defiantly still room for improvement.

25-12-2011, 04:15
i dont think that it will in 8th edition only due to the fact that most blocks will be like 40 man strong blocks....its a cool idea and i think if it were 7th edition it could work....i used to run like 5 chariots in 2000 points for my chaos army every once in a while in 7th edition and adding a chaos hero or two and it would destroy most enemies

25-12-2011, 04:53
Doggies don't count for min cor % I don't think so it needs more core. I would drop one of the razorgor chariots for another character riding around in a tuskgor chariot, either a skin of man shaman or a bsb.