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21-04-2006, 03:39
Hey all, I am working on a large Black Templar army for the summer campaign. This log is for the command squad as it is the biggest part of the painting project as of now. The command squad is for a MoS(Master of Sancity((SP??))) mounted in a rhino. Anyway, I started the Standard bearer and need some comments on him thus far. The banner is freehand and I need to know if it is off to a good start. I decide to use some humor and gave each skull a more cartoon style and face instead of a serious and gothic one. Anyway onto the model.

Before starting paint:



Marine different view:

Peace out guys.

New Cult King
21-04-2006, 04:10
Love the chest eagle, the face plate is still WIP?

The banner looks excellent, I haven't seen anything quite like it - a very good start :D

21-04-2006, 04:11
Thank you very much. Yes the face plate is still very wip, it needs more blending and highlights. Thank you on the banner as well, but excuse my asking of what do you mean by "anything quite like it"?

22-04-2006, 13:15
Small update:
I didn't get much work done yesterday besides some basing. Today I am planning on going to GW or a hobby store with $35 to restock on some stuff and then I shall be returning home to do some more work on this guy, and possiably the chaplain if I ever get around to finishing sculpting his tabbard.
So keep commenting whats up, and I'll update later today.

Reign in Blood
22-04-2006, 13:40
I also like the chest eagle and skull. I was wondering if u could give a quick tutorial because I am trying to get a similar effect be it is still too bright, not grity and sort of battle worn like yours.

22-04-2006, 17:03
Yeah sure, I'll just give you a quick rundown on how I did it, I'm going to do a indepth tutorial for the B&C after I finish the model completely.

Ok well as you can see the model was primed black.
Step one is to paint a nice thin layer of Scorched Brown over the wings and skull.
Next Paint over it lightly with Bestial Brown, leaving some scorched brown showing only at the folds of the wings and the forehead of the skull.
Next apply a very light layer of Bubonic Brown, by this layer you should be working your way out to the tips, so that Bestial Brown should be showing right under the wing above and at the very inside corner of the wings. On the skull highlight with bubonic brown on the very top, the sides, the eyes, nose, and the bottom. The picture you should be able to see where the hightlights were.
For the last step mix up about 50-50 skull white and bubonic brown. This is for the tips of the wings and final highlights.

I'll get a more in depth tutorial soon, with photos for each step. Actually I'll tell you what, I'll work on the today as well as more of this guy.