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the Witch kings regent
26-12-2011, 02:00
I hear around the net about how Malekith is overpriced and how he has no use in 8th edition. i beg to differ.
Now most people who place that argument know about destroyer and that he has a 2+ward against all but magic attacks and that he's a level 4 wizard but thats all they pay attention to.

Half his rules are forgotten when talking about using him in an army.
First pro for him is he is the onlt T4 elf. and for us thats a huge deal. also he is faster and at S5 is a decent combatant with just that. at I8 with 4 attacks he can do a big bit of damage.
Destroyer is know to most on how it can destroy magic items and wizard levels.
His armor give him heavy armor and the 2+ward but it also makes him only ever take one wound froma any attack. including Heroic killing blow and cannons.
The spell shield is mostly forgotten but is a beast. magic resistance 2 and whenever Malekith dispells a spell the casting wizard is his with a S6 hit for each dice used. pretty nefty.
the iron circlet giving the +1 power die and dicpell die is also pretty good. plus his altimate power making all of his armies units in 12" pass all panic checks is amazing in an army.
so for 600 points he is a stong wizard and a strong combatant. He is the only wizard that doesn't need a augment spell to be good in combat. and is damn hard to put down.

So in my conclusion i say Malekith is not overpriced and is a well and good choice for an Dark elf army. he is your wizard and general at the same time. yeah its one target Verses two but since its one guy he is easier to protect at the same time.

now i ask of your opinion.