View Full Version : 1000 point list that is unusual for me...

26-12-2011, 03:17
okay so im trying out something pretty different for me. When I play Green skins, im usually orc dominant. Im going to try out a heavy gobo list. what do you guys think?


Night Goblin Warboss
Iron curse icon, gold sigil sword, charmed shield (80)

Night Goblin great shamen
Earthing rod (165)


Night Goblin Big boss
BSB, Mad Moon banner (105)

Goblin bigboss
Wolf, LA, Shield (51)

Orc big Boss (General)
Warboar, Shield, dragonhelm, Luckstone (88)


47 Night Goblins
Spears, standard, musican, 3 fanatics (236)

5 goblin Wolf Riders
Spears, shields (60)


5 orc boys
shields, spears (100)

2 Trolls (70)


Snottling pump wagon (45)

1000 points exactly

The two lords and the bsb are in block of gobos, the orc gen. is with boar boyz, and the goblin boss is with the wolf riders....whole idea to use my block to tie up combat and use all my other units to flank and kill loners, or use wolves to kill warmachines....this is just a new idea to try out, def not for competive play...

26-12-2011, 22:55
The large unit of Gobbos is always nice, I took a x50 unit in 750 points with nothing but full command and they destroyed half an army of Dark Elves. I would reduce the points spent in magic items so that I could get a few more troops. I would also try for musicians in my units just to give myself that 1/12 of a higher chance of rallying from a break or flee.

I do like that BSB though, makes for a very nice surprise!

26-12-2011, 23:00
I figured that with the stubborn and bsb rolling leadership that hopefully I wouldn't need the musicians. I thought maybe in the wolf riders. I could drop the wagon and add musicians and another troll. What ya think?

27-12-2011, 05:21
If you have a unit that is going to be too far to benefit from the reroll on general's leadership, then I think a musician is a must. Only to give you a batter chance of keeping them on the table. I don't see the general being in combat most of the time, I only use mine as a leadership boost over the army's base.

I will be sticking mine in a bunker unit that can act as support to my larger unit. I say play the game to taste, it all really depends on your meta. Mine is none too crazy on winning, we play to enjoy the game. So people tend not to go over the top with trying to destroy eachother. I for one user Spider Riders, they fit my theme!

27-12-2011, 18:44
The way my units are set up, the only unit thaws not be in range of gen or bsb would be the wolves. But I hear what your saying. I tend to mix strategies when I play, but more times then not, my green skins tend to do quite well.