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26-12-2011, 10:31
Hi there all. With the new year upon us, my Guardsmen and Orks are both completed modelling projects and I am for once without something to collect in 40k. I do still have quite a lot of painting ahead of me, but I much much more enjoy building and converting stuffs. I'm also probably looking towards a much smaller model count, with the ability to drop more time into individuals rather than platoons/mobs.

With that little tidbit in mind, I'm looking at my third army. Despite my hatred towards Space Marines, they are a very solid army with lots of good choices and I'm looking at a mech list, although I do like the look of Dreadnoughts. However, I just love the Tau tanks and battlesuits, and rumor has it they are around the corner for a new codex with tons of new stuff, and I would be like a kid in a candy shop essentially. The other army I am looking at is Eldar, with their elegance and grace, and their gravtanks :), but they're pansy space elves so maybe not :p.

What do you reckon, Warseerites? Mechanized Space Marines, Tau of the Battlesuit, or pansy Eldar gits? Perhaps there is another Army out there that fits me better? And by the Gods, if anybody tells me to do a Armoured Company IG list, I'll personally hunt them down and shove each and every one of tanks that list would require down their throats. I like my tanks but that would just sit on my shelf gathering dust as no-one would play me in my local area.

colonel kane trine
26-12-2011, 14:50
Go with dark eldar there new range is gorgeous

26-12-2011, 14:56
hmm ok well you like modeling and your looking for a small model count. you could go with dark eldar whos new range will leave you lots of options. sm especially wolves will offer you alot of individualization for model apperance. eldar while they are nice models arent really that open of a pallet. i mean yes you can do your own color scheme but i never thought it looked that good on the models. tau.... not really a fan of them to be honest the models are ugly the concept never really fit with the 40k theme is you asked me to anime like in concept and apperance. you might even wanna work with necrons. their new fluff allows for a very diverse pallete and its a mainly plastic line so lots of conversion oppertunities.

27-12-2011, 06:44
Chaos Space Marines.