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26-12-2011, 21:08
This game included a few firsts. My first game for over a year, my first game with the latest High Elf book, my first game against the new Ogre book and my first real game of 8th ed.


High Elves -

Archmage + Extra level and Annulian crystal
Noble + Barded steed, Dragon armour, Shield and Lance

19 Seaguard + FC and Shields
20 Seaguard + FC and Shields

21 Swordmasters + FC
5 Dragon Princes
5 Ellyrion Reavers
Lion Chariot

Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower

Orges -

Slaughtermaster + Fencers blades and Greedy fist
Bruiser + BSB

8 Ironguts + FC

5 Maneaters + FC and Brace of pistols
4 Mornfang Cavalry + FC, heavy armour, ironfists and Dragonhide banner


Battlefield -

The battlefield was fairly open with only a tower on my far left flank and a stone building on the right blocking line of sight. My deployment zone had a small wood in the centre which broke up my battleline slightly. My opponant faced the same problem on his side.

Spells - My opponant ended up with Spinemarrow, Bonecrusher, Braingobbler and The Maw. I went for High Magic and got Dispel Magic, Shield of Saphery, Fury of Khaine, Flames of the Phoenix and Vaul's Unmaking.

Setup -

I positioned my two Seaguard units on the left flank supported by a Bolt thrower and the Chariot. He put down his Mornfang cavalry and one of his Ironblasters opposite them. In the middle I put down the Swordmasters, the Lion Chariot and the remaining Bolt thrower which ended up oposite his Ironguts (with both of his characters in it). On the left I had my two cavalry units which were across from his remaining Ironblaster. I put the Noble in the with the Dragon Princes and the Archmage in with the 19 man Seaguard unit.

My opponant scouted his Maneaters behind the tower on the far left (near his Mornfang). I then Vanguarded my Reavers foward. I then lost the roll to go first (not good as I know how well this went back in 7th ed against Ogres)

Ogres Turn one

Movement - No charges are declared and everything moves forward.

Magic - A three is rolled. I get two dice and get one of his from the Annulian crystal. He tries to cast Spinemarrow but it's dispelled.

Shooting - The Maneaters fire their 'pistols' into the 20 strong Seaguard killing 5. My opponant realises that he didn't wheel his Ironblaster so has to shoot at my other Seaguard unit. He tries to pick out the Archmage but I pass my 'look out sir' and a couple of Seaguard die. On the right he fires grapeshot into the Reavers but only kills one.

Combat - None

High Elves Turn one

Movement - I see an oppertunity to hit his Slaughtermaster so declare a charge onto his Ironguts with my Lion chariot. He holds and I make the charge distance. The Chariot moves up behind the tower (to try to ambush the Mornfang cavalry). The Reavers flank the Ironblaster while the Dragon Princes move up.

Magic - I roll up 7 (my opponant gets four dice). I use a couple of dice to cast Shield of Saphery on the Seaguard unit that got shot by the Maneaters last turn which goes off. I then throw 5 dice at Vaul's Unmaking which goes off on an irrisistable destroying the Dragonhide banner. The resulting miscast causes a wound to my Archmage

Shooting - Both units of Seaguard fire at the Mornfang but only manage to cause a single wound. Both Repeater Bolt throwers miss the Mornfang. The Reavers shoot at the Ironblaster which I find out is toughness 6 and do no damage.

Combat - The Lion chariot crashes into the Ironguts unit causing 4 wounds on the unit from impact hits and taking 3 wounds off the Slaughtermaster before being smashed by the return attacks.

Ogre Turn two

Movement - The Ironblaster charges the Dragon Princes. I should have fled but I elected to hold. He rolls high enough to get in. On the left he declares a charge with his Mornfang into my depleted but Shielded unit. I decide to flee. He passes his check to redirect into my second Seaguard unit. I elect to hold but he rolls really well and gets in. The rest of his army moves up a bit while his Ironblaster moves towards the center to support the Ironguts.

Magic - He rolls a 4. I get two plus one for the crystal but he manages to channel. He gets Spinemarrow off onto the Mornfang and then goes for Bonecrusher but I dispel it.

Shooting - The Maneaters shoot at the Bolt thrower but don't do anything. Cannon on the Ironblaster kills a couple of Swordmasters.

Combat - The Mornfang take a casualty but flatten the Seaguard unit in return. I fail the leadership check and flee. In the combat on the left I lose a Dragon Prince, don't do anything back and flee. He pursuis but I just get away.

High Elves Turn Two

Movement - I charge the Chariot into the Maneaters and take a couple of wounds from stand and shoot. I charge the Ironguts with the Swordmasters but fail to make it in. My fleeing Seaguard don't rally but my Dragon Princes do.

Magic - None

Shooting - Both Bolt throwers shoot at the Iron guts but only cause a few wounds.

Combat - Chariot does a couple of wounds before being destroyed.

I decide to call the game there.

Massacre to the Ogres.

High Elf losses.

19 Seaguard
20 Seaguard
3 Swordmasters
1 Dragon Prince
1 Ellyrion Reaver
Lion Chariot

Ogre losses

1 Mornfang
2 Iron guts

Jack of Blades
26-12-2011, 21:19
Ouch, this really illustrates why you need to pump out as much magic as possible against heavy combat armies like Ogres I'd say :). Had you had Lore of Shadow/Death, Banner of Sorcery and the +1 PD item I think this match would've gone differently.

26-12-2011, 22:01

Well I lost. Very badly. So what went wrong? Failing to get the first turn was pretty serious. I lost a full turn of shooting/magic as I know from experience back in 7th ed that Ogres can get across the table very quickly and I needed to hurt them as much as possible before they got to me. The game, I feel, really hung on how well I could deal with his two main blocks. As it was I failed to deal with either. My plan on the left was to hurt the Mornfang with missile fire and a spoiling attack from my Chariot. In the center I was pretty sure my Swordmasters could deal with the Ironguts.

On the left things seemed to go wrong from the first turn shooting phase onwards. I'd cast Vaul's Unmaking to deal with the Dragonhide banner (which I knew it was nasty). I was then counting on my Bolt Throwers to do some damage which never materialised. When he charged on his second turn I saw a great chance to stall him for a turn by fleeing the first unit, force him to try to redirect and then have him fall short of my Mage bunker (as it was a long charge distance). This would then give me two flank shots with the two Bolt throwers at short range and a chance to hit him with a bit of magic and some more bow fire.As it was he got in, virtualy tabled the unit before he got to the stomps and pursued me off the table meaning I lost my flank shots, my magic support and my army general.

In the center I completely underestimated how tough the Slaughtermaster would be but the Lion chariot did have a decent go before it died. When I did take the Swordmasters in I didn't roll high enough and was faced with the prospect of Iron guts in the front and an Ironblaster in the flank.

A misrable game was finaly concluded by the right flank where I underestimated the Ironblaster and even through my Dragon Princes had rallied they would have just got charged in his turn three and would have fled off the table.

I mainly blame myself for the loss. I should have taken a more agressive lore for my Archmage and just dropped his Mornfang down a pit. I shouldn't have given him the chance to charge my bunker either. I should have played it safe and held the original charge rather than trying to throw up chances for him to get nothing out of the charge. I flee, he fails to redirect/fails to make it in, Seaguard rally, I get another turn shooting him to death.

A small part of me is a little cross at the Ogres as well. While I feel I lost that game by bad play on my part some of the Ogre stuff really caught me off guard.

Top of the list had to be the Ironblaster. It's a cannon that's also a chariot. It's tough, has a decent amount of wounds, is effective in combat, has a solid charge range, impact hits and has a strength 10 cannon shot that can move and fire as well. Most units that can be tasked to deal with warmachines are going to bounce off this thing like ping pong balls.

Mornfang cavalry were another EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! unit. OK so on the charge they get D3 impact hits each, the ogres get 3 each, the mornfang get 4 each and then they get Stomp. Ouch. Yup definatly going to see them dead before they can hit combat next time.


27-12-2011, 03:11
He cheated. He didn't have enough core. only 374 points worth. Bad luck sorry man,

Try out shadow lore next time, it's tasty vs ogres.

27-12-2011, 19:59
Yup he didn't have enough core. We went back over the list and he hadn't taken into account that he needed to increase the points put into core when moving his list from 1,500 to 2,000 points. As it was his 2,000 point list only has a single Ironbleacher which might have changed things.