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27-12-2011, 16:18
Ok, so I've decided I want to fix up my Tomb Kings and actually start playing more fantasy in the new year... I also know that my army needs something to add some much needed punch to it, so I'm opening this up to the collective wisdom to see what I should add. In terms of things I own, I have between 90 and 100 skellies (30 of each - archer, sword/shield, spear/shield), a unit each of horsemen and horse archers, 3 scorpions, 4 ushabti, 8 chariots, casket of souls, and a bone giant. I know I tend to overdo things a bit on characters and not leave myself enough in the way of combat units, so this is what I'm asking: what should I get that complements what I already have?

My tactics up until now have been use a couple of harassment archer units, tomb king in a big block as a combat anvil, with my chariots smashing into things (and the bone giant on occasion when I field him...the time one of my liche priests dumped speed of light on him was highly entertaining as he proceeded to wade through most of a saurus unit). But I normally find myself taking at least 3 or 4 characters (King, HLP (TK lore), LP (light) being my go-to group), and as a result this leaves me a little light on bodies. I'm thinking a unit of snake-surfers, or some flavour of sphinx, but I'd like to see what people think would work best, or if I should just stock up on some more skellies.

27-12-2011, 21:59
Have you gotten to play 8th edition rules yet? If not, be aware that the use of Hordes is basically being encouraged. I do suggest maybe a larger unit of Skellies in either a bus formation or a Horde. Seeing as Skellies are low initiative I would say bus formation, just to lower the amount of potential attacks coming at you and to make sure you keep enough ranks.

28-12-2011, 05:49
Grab some sphinxes and necropolis knights since they are really good.

Assemble the sphinxes as the special unit kind since they pretty much fit any list with their breath weapons and large number of attacks since they have 4 tomb guard riding them. If you really want to give the rare unit sphinx a try it is good too but is much more of a specialist unit rather than something that will generally not let you down unless you face only gunlines and lizardmen lists with too many skinks to be competitive.

28-12-2011, 07:13
i vote you get sepulcharal stalkers, necro knights, and scorpions. I'm a big fan of the rule entombed beneath the sands. the sneakyness is great, easy to march block, get in the way and surround your opponent. its great when they are marching across the battlefield to find out they now have enemies behind them and at every other side they can think of, bit of a mind mess as they now have to rethink what they are doing as they are now going to be attacked on all fronts...they have no good choice to make its a matter of picking the lesser of several evils :P

28-12-2011, 20:45
Thanks for the replies. @Nickthebear - More scorpions? Really? I'd have thought 3 was plenty, and I honestly haven't been impressed by them this edition. @Armond, yeah, I've been playing 8th...my last 2 games were hammering lizardmen (one of those god-games where everything went right) and getting mauled by Empire (one of those god-games where everything went right....for the other player), but both of those were a few months back. I'm leaning towards the Necropolis Knights, would those work well in combination with what I have? Also, Ushabti - how are people running them? I've seen (and had some success) with a 2x2 formation, but not entirely sure if thats optimal.

28-12-2011, 22:54
2 x 2 is easy to maneuver and allows them to make the 3 attacks each from behind the first two, so you aren't going to lose out. Great for keeping the frontage small, lowering the amount of attacks coming back at you. Necropolis Knights are just plain nasty on the charge. A combo of poison, killing blow and boosted Strength(spears on the charge) make them pretty nice.

I would snag the Necro Knights, seem like fun to use!

29-12-2011, 05:06
WARSHPINX!! those bad boys are the best in the list.. Necroknights have only been working well 4 wide or 3 wide with one or more in the rear ranks.. Unless you are facing a lot of low Init. races, you just don't get enough attacks back with only 3. they also work amazingly well when support charging with a warsphinx or chariots. Stalkers are great warmachine/heavy cav hunters (for me, they average 3 dead chaos knights the turn they arrive). 3 have been working great... The warsphinx is really what you need though. Get 3 of them!! If Lizardmen are a common matchup for you, then keep them away from the skinks! poison just ruins them..

TBH I would drop the scorpions.. I love the models but when you compare them to necroknights, they are just too pricey. I would convert them into the necroknights and use the new box set for the stalkers...

29-12-2011, 05:22
Yeah knights are better than scorpions. If you play with special characters the SC necrotect is really good with knights also since he makes them rerollable 3+ armor and 6+ regen if they are within his bubble.

Ushabti are a pretty poor choice in general since they are more pricey per wound than tomb guard and you can only rez one wound on them a turn instead of loads as you can in a good turn on a TG unit.

There is a silly gimmick build that runs almost half of the army as bow ushabti and hopes for IF horekhas that destroys any kind of armor dependent death star but that I doubt does very well against much else.