View Full Version : Tales from the Dark Millenium

28-12-2011, 05:57
Anyone read this? I picked it up and I was pleasantly surprised that the two Eldar stories from Goto weren't that terrible! I mean as long as you get past the quirks of Kaelor, that is.

The Erebus story was quite entertaining. All the stories are about Eldar, Dark Angels or Word Bearers, maybe giving us a hint on the new MMORPG...?

28-12-2011, 06:39
I doubt there are going to be hints about the new MMO. The anthology itself is out of print isn't it, available only digitally? Not to mention we have very little info on the MMO to begin with.

29-12-2011, 12:41
Tales from the Dark Millennium was written to work alongside the collectable card game produced by Sabretooth, which at the time was another imprint of BL Publishing (alongside Black Industries, who worked on WFRP 2, and Solaris, who published genre fiction set outside GW's universes). It's five years old; it's not a tie-in with any upcoming MMORPG.