View Full Version : WHFB- Tomb Kings vs Skaven - 3,000pts Battle Report

28-12-2011, 09:33

The last BunkerTube Battle Report of 2011.

Our subscriber contest was DRAWN and WON and the winner recieved his prize yesterday, check out the video here.
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28-12-2011, 16:23
Interesting game, looks like Skaven player needs some more target practice with his WLC though.

I had a 1000 point game with my Skaven last night (1000 point HE on my team and 2 1000 point WoC armies against us) one of my WLC took his Tzeentech sorcerer out first turn, the guy playing the two WoC wanted to quit right there haha.

30-12-2011, 13:25
Hahah! well played mate, I would have paid to see the reaction on his face!

And you're right, Nathan needs more practice, as do we all.