View Full Version : 2000 Empire for Tourney

28-12-2011, 19:56
Arch Lector, War Altar, Speculum, Charmed Shield

Level 4 of Shadow, Rod of Power

BSB Captain, Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Crown of Command

Warrior Priest, Meteoric Iron Armor, Dawnstone

30 Flagellants

48 Halberdiers, cmd (Wizard and BSB will normally be here).

27 Greatswords, cmd (Priest normally here)


2 Mortars

5 Outriders, Musician.

I never used to take a cannon, but just recently I have been spectacularly boned in 4 or 5 consecutive games by not having one. GD's and mournfang were the main problem.

Yes, I know the arch lector doesn't have a great weapon, but this is the only way to get the speculum, the rod, the wagon, and a level 4 into 500 lord points. The Outriders are mainly to protect warmachines from the other side's chaff units, and rest we know. It's a fair number of bodies for 2k. Please post suggestions!