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The Inevitable One
30-12-2011, 06:47
The soul purpose of this thread is to acknowledge the data provided in various media (White Dwarf magazines, Black Library novels, Games Workshop codices) and formulate who the winners and losers of this particular galaxy are going to be.

Who do you think the winners and losers of the Milky Way Galaxy are?

* Although threads like these have been created, beaten to death and repeated, information is being constantly changed.

30-12-2011, 06:54
The winners of the 40k universe are all the ones already extinct by natural causes. It's pretty clear that whoever "wins the war" isn't going to have won themself anything but another few eternities of suffering. That's how 40k is.

Son of Sanguinius
30-12-2011, 06:54
It smells like I just stepped in a versus thread. :D

I'd have to go with the Tyranids, now that the Necrons and the C'tan are too fractured (literally, at times), to be a singular threat. We're all steak dinners waiting for that application of A1.

30-12-2011, 07:18
The big contenders:


These are the only four parties with Galaxy-wide influence. Everyone else is a clear minority. Since a prolonged war in the galaxy tends to destroy habitable planets it comes down to who can survive in the most hostile environment. You can count humans right out as well as Orks. Neither can survive without oxygen and water.

When it comes down to Tyranids against Necrons its really interesting case. The Necron null field matrices actually scare the hell out of hive mind so Tyranids steer away from Tomb Worlds with functioning matrices. Then again I don't think Necrons are powerfull enough to destroy all Tyranids. So, my guess is this:

Humans and Orks nuclearly bomb each other to stone-age, cause all their planets to become uninhabitable and die off in mass extinction. Remaining human elements retreat to only place where orks, tyranids and necrons don't follow: Eye of Terror. They survive if they join the chaos, rest die.

Tyranids and Necrons inherit the galaxy. The Necrons are forced to dig in on Tomb Worlds which are safe from Tyranids. Tyranids eat what is left of planets and move on to next Galaxy.

Dark Eldar don't have anyone left to enslave so their society slowly crumbles and implodes as they turn on each other.

Eldars have just watched at sidelines while the younger races destroyed each other and start to recolonize the now empty galaxy, contesting with Necrons. Its War in Heavens all over again, but without C'tan or Old Ones.

End tally:

Tyranids - Win big, but leave the galaxy to find more nom-noms
Chaos - Wins, but only in Eye of Terror
Eldar - Survive, but now have to share a ruined galaxy with Necrons
Necrons - Survive, but now have to share a ruined galaxy with Eldars
Humans - Extinct or joined Chaos
Orks - Extinct
Dark Eldar - Extinct

30-12-2011, 07:51
I have three words for you.


No matter who the true winner is, the Orks will never lose :D

30-12-2011, 11:23
The only ones are Pariahs, IF they really don't have a soul to be tormented after death.

Everyone else, even demons, is prey to bigger hungry demons for eternity...

30-12-2011, 15:07
Yeah I think nids will definatly be the end of it all. And they havent even really all arrived yet either..