View Full Version : How do you play your rangers?

02-01-2012, 14:54
Just querying your optimum build for Dwarf Rangers.

I find them an invaluable part of the Dwarf army list. But built from what?

Quarrelers/Rangers/Longbeards? Throwing axes if the latter? I prefer Quarrelers with GW, but was wondering if anyone had tried Longbeards.

02-01-2012, 15:25
I once tried the longbeards
but I kept them in my deploy-zone
it was a unit from 20 lonbeards I think....
But they never got charged, my enemy was to afraid i think :D
He played the DE, he sided his corsairs over my longbeards,
but on a range of +/- 12" he stopped and I (with a lukcy throw) charged him

So actualy I don't have experience with ranger longbeards :shifty:

02-01-2012, 16:22
Want to give Longbeards ago but worried slightly about leaving them without support. Particularly costing so many points. I'm sure they could hold their own no problem though!

Warrior of Chaos
02-01-2012, 16:35
I run a block of 32 longbeard/rangers and they are rock solid. You can even give one of your characters the rune which allows for deployment as scouts and plug him into the unit. Had a lot of luck smashing up Skaven and their rear lines using them. Your opponent has to make some tough decisions on how they want to deal with them. If they turn to face them, you can often get an open flank to put some frothy beer-soaked beards into. If they ignore them....it's at their own peril.

*edit: On a side note, against fast troops (Brettonia/Ogres...i'm looking at you) you may want to deploy them normally and not as scouts. I played Ogres and my opponents solution to the menace was simply to full out march away (poor dwarfs couldn't catch back up to where the fighting was happening until turn 4). Stunties just can't keep up unless you got the anvil to help with your moves.

02-01-2012, 18:53
My brother runs one unit of 42 Long Beards. It's disgustingly good. There's not many units that can take it on, and with careful deployment you dont get multicharged and mauled in one turn.

A nice unit of 10 quaraller ranges make nice warmachine hunters/flankers

02-01-2012, 23:45
I play 20 quarrelers as rangers. It's my only shooting unit in my latest army configuration.