View Full Version : Competitive 2000 point dark elves dreadlord and sorceress

02-01-2012, 15:31
Well, I've been trying to make a decent competitive 2000 point list,I didn't want a hydra,but I wanted a dreadlord and cold ones and this it what I came up with:

GW,shield,HA,SDC,dark steed,pendant,general

Supreme sorceress:285pts
Lvl4,sacrificial dagger,lore of shadow

Death hag:225pts

Full command,s.s.s

Standard,champion,gleaming pennant



15xwitch elves:185pts
Full command,flaming banner

15xblack guard:255pts
Full command,banner of murder

7xcold one knights:259pts
Full command,A.S.F banner

Well there it is c+c welcome please :)

02-01-2012, 15:32
Seems a little on the small side O.o where's the rest of the xbows ;)

02-01-2012, 16:05
I'm not really one who likes shooting,I'm more inclined to get into combat and smash faces,there is 99 models in the army, it just looks small because there spread out in small units.

02-01-2012, 16:06
how come the dreadlord has a dark steed not a cold one?

02-01-2012, 16:18
It's more expensive,so I'd have to drop his armour and I'm not gonna get a better save.

02-01-2012, 16:45
The Dreadlord really isn't up to snuff as the general. His typical build is much more expensive, but also much better than what you have. You might consider a Master build for similar points. One I've had success with is a Master with HA, SDC, pendant, dragon helm, mount (cold one, dark steed or dark Pegasus), weapon of choice and shield. If on cold one that's 1+ or 2+ armor save depending on build for less than 180pts.

Then give +1Ld banner to unit with sorceress for Ld 10 general In a bunker that shouldn't see combat.

02-01-2012, 20:29
Is this for the next Throne of Skulls by any chance Kieran? :p

I'll be there (hopefully), rocking out with my Wood (Elves) out :D

03-01-2012, 07:45
Yeah I'm thinking of going to the march 1,is that the 1 your gonna take the wood elves to?

Pawn of Decay
03-01-2012, 09:19
Hmm the March Thron of Skulls in Nottingham?

I will be there as well with some Ogre's and a couple of mates.

I think Capt._Jaelinek has hit the nail on the head if you are looking at not taking a Hydra. The dreadlord just doesn't seem good enough. A Master with similiar set up will cost you less points and allow to have the Ld 10 General in a bunker, which seems a much better option.

Running the Master instead of the Dreadlord shouldn't make much of a difference, but should give you a sturdier build.

His Imortal Shadow
05-01-2012, 03:03
i would try to get one unit of xbow that is 20 thats 40 shots a turn, and put a unit of shades in as well, very honarable to have no hydra