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Spiney Norman
03-01-2012, 11:33
When does the lore master rule "take effect"?

Does it take effect during spell generation, replacing the normal process of generating spells?

Or is it an on-going effect throughout the game that means that a loremaster ALWAYS knows all the spells in his lore?

The first one is problematic because there are several ways of getting the lore master rule mid-game, riddling a sphinx, ransacking a wizards tower or (in SoM) stealing an item that confers it with the Nikkit Nikkit spell. If the rule only took effect during spell generation being conferred the rule later in the game would have no effect.

However loremaster being an ongoing effect would also be problematic, as items which destroy spells or miscast results that cause casters to forget spells would not matter since the loremaster would still know ALL the spells in his lore thanks to his special rule.

Its also a problem when a wizard loses the loremaster rule mid-game (such as a goblin great shaman losing his Arachnarok spider), does he forget all his spells, does he still know them all, but is now vulnerable to losing them in the normal way.

Lord Zarkov
03-01-2012, 12:06
I would say that Loremaster applies once, at the earliest opportunity

So if you have it at the start of the game it applies during spell generation, and if you get it later in the game it takes immediate effect.

03-01-2012, 12:24
We play it that if you have loremaster by yourself you can forget a spell, but if you get loremaster trough something mid-game you will have all spells back.

Example: In one of my last games my Lev 4 wizard lost two spells from an empire casket, but as he reached the wizard tower he could use all 7 spells. And after he was driven out of the tower he was back to his two remaining spells.

03-01-2012, 21:25
I think this depends on the situation and *gasp* requires some common sense to apply. I would say a loremaster can forget a spell as the spell is just driven from his mind temporarily. I assume that he can study and relearn the spell after the battle. As for gaining loremaster midgame you have to evaluate the situation and come up with a solution that best fits the situation. I would usually assume that a wizard has to study and learn his spells, so for the most part, no he cannot learn newspells mid game. However it would depend on how the wizard gets this ability (which usually isn't gone into in great detail in the rules). If a shaman riding his Arachnarok spider has the spell "beamed" into his head somehow then yes he loses the ability as soon as the spider dies. (I don't play O&G so I don't know the fluff behind it). However, I would be perfectly content to let my opponent keep loremaster if the spider dies as him insta-losing the ability seems silly to me.

I know this requires players to think for themselves and not rely on word for word interpretations of the rules. It also requires in some situations players to be amicable and find a solution that is fun and fit the fluff and not necessarily help them achieve a win.