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21-04-2006, 18:05
Ok, for a Guard Grenadier army I'm thinking of making, I want to convert Defiliers into 'Mechs to count as tanks (Bipedal ones for Russes and Demolishers, and a quadraped for a Basilisk, if I decide to make one).

Anyways, the way I was planning on building them, they'd have the main weapon (Battle/Demolisher cannon) in one arm and the hull (And sponson if I add them) weapons in the other. However, the layout is obviously a bit different.

My question is-do I measure from where the weapon would generally be (Top of the hull for Battle/Demolisher Cannon, front for the hull weapon and sides for the sponsons), or just measure from wherever they're mounted?

Col. Dash
21-04-2006, 18:23
Hey thats a cool idea, I like the thought of bringing battletech to 40k. Since you are making walkers basically which haave completely different bodies that the tanks you are replacing. I would just make sure that the weapons are represented on the models. You might try a Gundum model as well and add the 40k weapons. Have like big cannons representing the battle cannons and smaller shoulder or torso weapons for the secondary systems. Since the size of the 40k cannons might be prohibative on mounting them, you might ave to sub them with something else. The secondaries should be relatively easy to mount. I wouldnt worry about the height on the mounted weapons since that generally doesnt matter much anyway. Now you got me thinking on how to build a goliath/basilisk heheh. This sounds cool, make sure you post pics on how it comes out.

21-04-2006, 18:28
Yeah, I thought about shoulder-mounts for sponsons after. And an arm-mounted cannon wouldn't make a difference, since they've got 360-degree arcs. Put the hull weapon in the torso, and you're set.

And Battletech is totally my inspiration, I'm a huge BT fanboy.
Plus, it gives cool names for the walkers. The Leman Russ, Leman Russ Demolisher and Basilisk are becoming Highlander, Marauder and Longbow Walkers, respectively.

commisar klink
21-04-2006, 18:37
General rule is to always measure from the gun itself. Tell your oponent before the game starts where you'll be measuring from and you should have no problems

21-04-2006, 19:35
Close - general rule is to measure from the closest point of the hull, but to take line of sight from the weapon sponson/mount. [That rule and its minutae have had a good going over recently on the Rules forum]. So it would alter where you sight from when using Line of Sight, but not change your distances. Should be fine.

21-04-2006, 19:54
As was mentioned on an earlier Thread, mount them on a base the same dimensions as the original vehicle and inform your opponent of this - it should help with any concerns.

21-04-2006, 20:38
Hey, never thought of that. While I won't put it on a Russ-sized base, I'll mark out the size of a Russ on it.
Anyways, thanks.