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04-01-2012, 01:44
Hello all! this is a thread to showcase some of the work being done for the Cathay 8th edition update. You can see the original book here (http://www.scribd.com/doc/7036781/Warhammer-Armies-Cathay), which was published in late 2005.

I am currently the only artist on the project and I'm pretty desperate to get some help, Illustrating a whole army book is a pretty insane task. If you're an artist and want to help out I'd love to hear from you. Don't be shy! I'd like to have the complex pictures to a pretty high standard, but army books have a lot of smaller art and this one will include a concept section with sketches and unit ideas as well. Send me a message by PM or at TheCathayProject@Gmail.com

The first two entries are a bit of 'quotemargin' art used to frame text, the other is a WiP of a unit portrait for Ronin.

Ronin are a super-elite skirmisher Rare choice, the bastard children of the Celestial Dragon Emperor who have been ferried from Warrior House to Warrior House. They are the Cathayan Inquisition, hunting down internal corruption and treachery. They have a bag of nasty abilities and a plethora of weapon options, can make mincemeat of big nasties and are excellent character assassins. Visually they are characterised by a variety of ornate weapons, face covering headgear such as masks, deep hats and hoods and heavy cloaks that conceal the arsenal they carry. Check their entry in the old book for more detail on their background.

08-02-2012, 12:12
gots some more concept art for y'all. Very quick (<1 hour) sketches of swordsaint, magistrate and warclad developing basic ideas and styles, going to use these for a frontpage announcement


Swordsaint: are one of the warrior houses of cathay, elite and focused warriors who focus expressly on the sword. I'm using a mix of chinese armour styles subtly influenced by high elf armour (as this is the case lorewise)
Magistrate: Magistrates are the standard wizard type of cathay, they are statesmen, governors and astromancers based on a mix of court functionaries and legendary figures. they feature heavy use of astral symbology and wings, representing the phoenix that are associated with them
Warclad: warclad are the 'state troops' of cathay gameplay wise, reasonably well equipped troops drawn from the wealthier peasants of cathay, families of village chiefs and so forth. the weapon he's carrying is a weaponized grain flail.