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His Imortal Shadow
05-01-2012, 03:35
looking for input on this list, 2500 pts list

Sorcerer Lord level4, mark of tzeentch, talisman of endurance, infernal puppet, spell fam. 370pts.

sorcerer level2, mark of tzeentch, disk, talisman of pres. 205pts

exalted hero, bsb mark of tzeentch dragonhelm, ironcurse icon 160pts

2X50 Maruaders s+m only, gw and mok, 292x2
23warriors full com, shields mot lord and bsb unit 388pts
20 warriors s+m only halberds mok banner of flame 378
2X5 warhounds 30X2
warshrine of tz 150pts
hellcannon 205pts

05-01-2012, 17:02
s + m only! the kinky devils:D

05-01-2012, 17:27
Seriously though I would be tempted to go for a dispel scroll on the level 2, drop the TOP, maybe give him a shield and a 6+ ward item.

Apart from that looks solid to me.

05-01-2012, 23:34
ok...first off two many warriors for only two units....i would consider running them 6 by 3..so if you want to even make 3 units of 18...that could be nasty. i dont think you need the spell familar on your lord, 4 spells are quite enough i think. i also think that you should consider making him lore of shadow or death...they are really good, better in my opinion then Tzn. so i would drop the spell familar and the mark and with the points, give him the tal of perservation, and give your other sorcerer the 5+ talismen. that way they will both be 4 plus wards. then with the points saved on him, then you could give him the spell familar, or even the charmed shield or something that gives him a little more protection from shooting. everything else looks okay, but i really think that with the two huge blocks of marauders, and three units of warriors, your opponent will be in some trouble.

His Imortal Shadow
06-01-2012, 00:43
yes kinky if as much as 40 strength 5 attacks get

His Imortal Shadow
06-01-2012, 00:52
thanks for the feed back i going to make adjustments and look for the tourny battle reports

06-01-2012, 03:25
Not a lot of mobility. Is that a concern? maybe some more defense to protect those big blocks like collar of khorne on a hero for magic resist or blasted standard.

His Imortal Shadow
09-01-2012, 06:40
mobility not really a concern, going with what i call a unified front all units pushing ahead,
have made changes as follows:
Sorcerer Lord, level 4, talisman of pres, puppet, stream of corr. = 370
sorcerer, level2, mot, talisman of end.,disk, roar =210
exalted hero bsb, mot, dragonhelm, talisman of pro, ironcurse, biting blade, = 185
50 marauders s+m, mok, gw, = 292
50 marauders s+m, mok, gw, = 292
22 warriors s+m, mot, shields, rap stand, = 410
18 warriors s+m, mok, halberds, flame banner, =346
2X5 warhounds = 30ea.
warshrine = 130
hell cannon =205
total 2500

09-01-2012, 10:41
I like this revised list better. Still think units ow warriors are a little big but looks much better.

09-01-2012, 23:25
U should keep 18 warriors in a unit max imo

His Imortal Shadow
26-01-2012, 19:24
thanks guys, battle tested the new list, i played thsi list now 6 times, works great

26-01-2012, 23:38
For level two, have you considered third eye? On a low level it can be fun to have your spells or 4 spells from opponents lore. Oh the fun of using +2 toughness or light spells on Woc lol