View Full Version : Hello, my name is Damien and I'm addicted to WoW...

Damien 1427
20-03-2005, 15:05
Just trying to ressurect the WoW player listing on Portent, so I can find people to use as lures or meatshields. :p

Name - Whiplash
Race - Gnome
Class - Rogue
Level - 28
Server - Terenas (EU)

So where are the rest of you lurking?

New Cult King
21-03-2005, 06:39
Well, I'm playing WCIII through again, and am hankering to play WoW - but my modem isn't fast enough, stupid 56.6k dialup.

As soon as I get cable, Ima sign up as an Undead magic user of some description... the game looks soooo good :)