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06-01-2012, 06:41
hey guys trying out new list that im going to use against tombkings...i played a 1000 point game so we could ge caught up on the 8th edition rules. here is my list for our first 2250 game.

Orc warboss, Tal of perservation, crown of command, dragon helm, shield

Savage orc great shamen, level 4, lucky shrunken head

Orc big boss, BSB, armor of fortune, luckstone, shield

orc big boss, enchanted shield, dawnstone, boar, potion of strength

N goblin shamen, level 1, iron curse icon, dispell scroll

n goblin shamen, level 1, channelling staff

n goblin boss, potion of toughness, charmed shield, sword of might

38 savage orc, biguns, add hw, full command

47 night goblin, spear/shield, standard, musician, nets, 3 fanatics

20 black orcs, full command, razor standard

7 orc boar boys, shields, full command, banner of swiftness

1 mangler squigs

2251 pts...its friendly so not worried about 1 point

what you guys think...the great shamen and the warboss are in the savages, the bsb is in black orcs, the orc boss on boar with riders, and all the gobos in the block of goblins...

06-01-2012, 09:48
Well I can't really fault the savage orc big un with shaman combo.. its the powerunit that everyone seems to run. The goblins I'd probably run with handweapons instead to get that 6+ parry save in close combat or with bows if you feel like poison shooting a sphinx (with spell). I'd think the blorcs and boar boyz are the most in danger of getting into trouble. The black orcs are strong but I think a sphinx or chariot charge might heavily maul them or perhaps even destroy them. The boarboyz will have to get stuck in fast to prevent casket and possible stalkers just mincing them. If your opponent fields stalkers they will be a threath to the boarboyz and the black orcs.

I think getting the poison spell to deal with the "inevitable" sphinx will be essential, that thing is going to be a dangerous match up against every unit you are fielding.

06-01-2012, 11:05
Lucky for me that he has no sphinx.

06-01-2012, 11:31
Ideally to help the Savages with animosity, change Orc Warboss to Black Orc (50 points)

I'd also make the Night Goblin Bigboss cheap, with just a great axe. Then you can have 2for less points (68 insead of 80)

To do this, I'd drop the Boarboys, and use the rest of the points (7 Baors with FC, full Command comes to around 190 points IIRC) you can fit in 2 Doom Divers with some minor shuffling (like dropping Iron Curse Icon - you want him to shoot your night goblins so your comabt units don't get targeted)

06-01-2012, 12:09
Personally I'd drop the shield on the orc big boss and then you are 100% legal then. It is only a friendly after all.

06-01-2012, 18:59
why cant he have a shield? what am i missing?