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06-01-2012, 22:20
Here's what I got so far.
I've tried this list once or twice, but I removed a unit of four rat ogres, and replaced them with extra slaves, and jezzails and some other small things. I've been running Ikit as Lord, but now I'm looking for a new General. I've got 196 pts left to fiddle around with, but shure, some things can be tweaked, not the spears on the skaven slaves though since I want to run it wysiwyg. I'd like to add some extra magic level... Don't know which way though...

Warlock 95
Doom Rocket, lvl 1

Cheftain, Shield Halberd 74
Battle Standard Bearer

40 skaven slaves, 106
shields, musician, pawleader

29 clanrats, shields, spears 235
full command, WFT

29 clanrats, shields, 205,5
full command, Doomflayer

40 skaven slaves, shields, 126

9 gutter runners, slings, poison 162

6 Globardiers, PWM 125

5 Jezzails 100

5 Jezzails 100

Warp Lightning Cannon 90

Doom Weel 150

Hell Pit Abomination 235


12-01-2012, 14:05
It's not too bad... there're a few things I would change around though. You need more magic though... seriously... a level 1 isn't going to help you at all if you go up against an army with any serious magic ability. Try and get either a grey seer or a plague priest with a furnace. The seer has the advantage I think here over the priest because you would need to do a lot of shuffling as you would need a good sized unit of plague monks.

So what would a grey seer bring to the army? Right, firstly it's a level 4 wizard... you could give it a dispell scroll if you wanted and you'll have a decent magic defence (which you are lacking). Secondly, he has a higher leadership (which is always good). Obviously his magic itself is very powerful (Dreaded 13th an elite unit of infantry and sit back and watch the tears). And on top of that, he can skitterleap your warlock to fire his doomrocket more effectively. Wins all around.

Your chieftain really should have a magic banner if he's not taking other magic equipment. The warbanner (25 pts) is always a good choice, the banner of the under empire (25 pts) is good against T3 armies because you get kills before combat starts and the combat res from it as well. Or against shooty armies a storm banner (50 pts). Now a storm banner is a very useful tool, but as you have a lot of shooting in your army, it may not be the best route.

Honestly I don't like your slaves... upgrading them past a musician is pretty much a waste of points, you can get away with spears if you use death frenzy but really they're not there to kill anything, just to get in the way. Shields also aren't worth the points so much imho... but that's a bit more debatable. Obviously you say you don't want to change it though. I wouldn't run them at 40 though... 30-35 but they're cheap enough.

The clanrats aren't too bad, I personally don't use spears on them but that's preference and some people like them, if they're already assembled you obviously don't want to have to paint up a load of guys just to get around something that isn't a big deal... I would however make the units larger (35-40) at this points level though. I would actually like to see another unit in there as well...

WFTs are okay, they can be hideously destructive but they can also do bugger all as well. Generally it's a good idea to take 2 or none, remembering that they're move or shoot can cause problems with manouvrability as well... The doomflayer is pretty good when it gets into close combat, but it's very easy to shoot it down or magic missile before it gets too close. PWMs are good because they can move and shoot, shoot without LoS and do good damage for their cost.

Cannon, doomwheel (my favourite...) and HPA are all good choices but you just need to learn the best ways to use each of them and how to get your charges off nicely to get the most out of these. It's something that comes with experience really and remember that you can shoot into combats with your slaves.

Where I think your list is lacking mostly is the special choices you've made. Gutter runners I have tried but found them to be incredibly lackluster and all they managed to do was die horribly... it just seems an expensive unit for what it is. Globadiers are good at dealing with heavy cavalry, but they have very little range and it'll take very little to kill the lot of them. Jezzails aren't too bad... but they rarely make their points back for me. Again, good at dealing with heavy cav but have a lot more range than globadiers. I only use jezzails when I'm playing with a softer list against my friends (same goes for rogres) as I don't feel they're a terribly competitive choice.

At some point I would suggest you try using a plague furnace, it can really dish out the hurt against some things and it's a wizard... with a choppy unit... units of giant rats can also be pretty effective if used right.

All in all, the list doesn't look too bad. The main two things would be getting a grey seer (desperately need magic defence) and buffing up the clanrats. It's not very competitive but if you're playing against friends with softer choices it's not horrible and has some of the more interesting but (imo) less competitive choices. This is all just my opinion on it so take it with the suitable amount of salt and good luck with it. Feel free to message me because it's unlikely I'll think about checking back...