View Full Version : 2.5k wood elves (few archers)

07-01-2012, 19:19
This is my attempt to write a semi competitive wood elf list at 2.5k. There aren't many archers in my list, but they've always seemed to under perform for me. BS shooting at hordes (which is the metagame here) just doesn't do enough damage.

LORDS: >300
LVL 4 w/ Wych elm

Heroes: 625
BSB w/rebirth

Wraith w/nettles

LVL 1 w/Divination orb

Core: 754
21 glade guard w/flame

2x20 dryads

Special: 540
8 Treekin w/elder

Rare: 570
2 Treeman

07-01-2012, 19:32
horde archers seams to work great seen it in the club I'm in.
One of the only one's that has won from serten WoC player.

07-01-2012, 23:10
Units of 20 dryads will do nothing, take 10s or better yet 8s. Otherwise, once they lose combat and run you'll have a huge amount of points running instead of just 96.

08-01-2012, 03:37
Thats kinda odd list no scouts, fast cav, or eagles. I think the lack of those units will make few problems for you.
(1) I don't think unit of 20 dryads can stand against any elite and a horde will just tear them apart in a round or two(even if they hold). If you need holding unit EG do that job better especially if they have a hero with them to provide stubborn.
(2) The lack of scouts fast cav eagles means, that your foes who have artillery, will be able to use artillery to blast your big blocks to peaces.
(3)Glade guards are awesome but with only 21 shots you wont do much and if you face a nasty OK HE dwarf or empire list you might not only get beat in mele combat but also outshoot.
(4) That big unit of treekin seems like something that will ether get blown to peaces by artillery or magic(you have decent magic defense but some armies will still be able to overwhelm it), or the treekin will never see a fight.

09-01-2012, 23:28
How many hordes do you face? Don't you face support units? I find with Hordes/deathstars I can kill the chaff and then focus while dancing around the big units.

Also,.. BS shooting at hordes is fairly fun when you have 50-100 archers :)

What are nettles?

It's not supported that you can stack Div Orb with Wand in any literature and a lot of people argue against it. Just letting you know, you may run into problems. It may fully work though, so see if people complain in pick up games. If not go for it :)

Are you taking a Life-weaver? If not the champion in the Treekin isn't a good value.

If you are going for a CC based army the Dawnspear is something to consider. On a Great Eagle, with the Helm of the Hunt and either Potion of Str or Foolhardiness will help ensure you cause a kill.

With no Great Eagles I feel you're lacking a bit of tactical advantage while going for competitive.