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08-01-2012, 16:15

So my friend is playing dark elves at the tournie in march and he needs a bit of help with his DE list. C & C is welcome and I will relay it back.

Supreme Sorc lvl 4 w dispel scroll, black egg and pendant of khaleth-350

Master w heavy armour, shield, sea dragon cloak, BSB w banner of nagarythe-240
Master w dark pegasus, ring of hotek, cloak of hag graef, heavy armour & shield-186

58 spearmen w FC, shields & flaming banner-546
10 xbows w musician and standard-146
Assasin w additional hand weapon, rune of khaine & manbane-146

5 shades w additional hand weapons-85
5 shades w additional hand weapons-85

Hydra x 2-350

08-01-2012, 18:10
I'll be at this event too, I was going to take Dark Elves myself but I'm taking Wood Elves instead :)

First thing that strikes me about the list is that it is way too small, and there are a lot of things that can be changed to be more efficient:

1. The Banner of Nagarythe is, unfortunately, just bad. Not worth it's points at all, and especially not in a list where you're not spamming combat blocks, and especially not in an army like Dark Elves which does not take well to multiple combats. A Cauldron BSB is infinitely better and 15pts cheaper- so almost another shade :)

2. The level 4 does not need a ward save (she also needs to specify her magic lore, I'm assuming Shadow?), give her a bunker of 15-20 spears with the Standard of Discipline for her to hide in so that she's not on the frontline. Then, swap out the remaining spears for Corsairs- they're a whole bunch better. 30 with extra hand weapons and the frenzy banner works beautifully. Dark Elves armies don't really need to go over their minimum core allowance, so stick as close to that 500pt mark as you can.

3. Assassins are very underwhelming tbh.

4. Double hydra is a pretty bad choice, it's 350 free points. Every list at ToS will be able to deal with them, so you're basically turning up with 350 free points for your opponent. At the ToS I went to a couple of months ago, my hydra got into combat in only 3/5 games, and in one of those games it was charged by Spirit Hosts because it ran out of room to backpeddle. There are far better ways to spend the points, tbh I don't really see there being a place for hydras in most contemporary lists. I'd put a unit of Black Guard in instead, and bump up the shade numbers.

09-01-2012, 11:43
cool, il be taking my Warriors of Chaos with me. He is taking shadow with his lvl 4.