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The Lion's Shade
09-01-2012, 22:03
I am completely new to warhammer fantasy I've decided to collect skaven. My friend gave me his old rule book from the skull pass set I was just wondering if the rules have changed significantly to the old ones or if the old rule book is still playable for the main guidelines.:confused:

09-01-2012, 22:09
Welcome to the fantasy world my dear Skaven general !

there are so many differences that by fact the 2 versions are not compatible at all.
I would say try to buy a current one via ebay ore the like.

09-01-2012, 22:14
Sorry, 7th edition is significantly different to 8th in many respects, both major and minor, such that I think it would be easier to start from scratch with 8e than to learn 7e then try to unlearn all that you would need to to learn 8e properly.

Still if you're starting Skaven, the Island of Blood starter comes with a nice compact 8th edition rulebook and a whole bunch of Skaven to use, so it's probably the recommended way forward.

The Lion's Shade
09-01-2012, 22:49
Just saying generally do you think that skaven is a good starter army.

09-01-2012, 22:58
Pretty good, yeah. None of their special rules are especially core-rules-defying (unlike the Undead) and they do use all four phases of the turn so you will be able to get a good feel for the game with them. Also they aren't disastrously underpowered or broken as a result of the new edition, nor is their army book getting revised soon.

10-01-2012, 06:39
Just saying generally do you think that skaven is a good starter army.

The Skaven Errata document is 9 pages long. I'd recommend Orcs & Goblins instead if you just want to keep things simple.


10-01-2012, 12:33
A few suggestions to use the old book for in terms of what is stil the same in rules:

Check and understand the wheel. It's one of the more difficult maneuvres and has remained more or less unchanged in several editions. Think of a unit on parade doing a turn if you've seen one of those military marches. Most other movement rules other than a regular move have changed.

The charts for to hit and to wound are... mostly the same. A few of the modifiers for shooting have gone away (no more single target and no more large target), and the '-'s on the To Wound chart have been replaced with 6's. Still, they are fairly easy to understand, especially if you just do a few mock battles.

Shooting changed, combat changed, warmachines changed... command is almost the same (some details in position have changed and the musician handles reforms again), armour saves have a cap but is otherwise the same... there's a lot of changes.

The Lion's Shade
13-01-2012, 21:29
Just as a general question are the new army books hard back. Bit random I know.

Lord Zarkov
13-01-2012, 21:52
Just as a general question are the new army books hard back. Bit random I know.

All Warhammer army books and expansions released after 8th Edition have been hard back.

14-01-2012, 10:20
And several interviews with the studio staff have strongly implied that beginning with 6e 40k codices will be hardback too.

The Lion's Shade
15-01-2012, 11:56
When do you reckon the skaven army book will turn into hard back.(when is their army book coming out).

Lord Zarkov
15-01-2012, 11:59
When do you reckon the skaven army book will turn into hard back.(when is their army book coming out).

They were the second last to come out in 7th and partially set out to be ready for 8th. Therefore they're probably not going to be redone until near the end of 8th, or even into 9th (the last two books in 6th, WE and (the second) Dwarfs, never got redone in 7th for example). As such it'll probably be a good few years before Skaven get redone in hardback.

15-01-2012, 15:12
They were ... partially set out to be ready for 8th.
The Skaven errata is now six pages long. It used to be thirteen pages. You could say it's a six-sided peg that fits better into the round hole of 8th edition than it did the square hole of 7th.

16-01-2012, 02:54
From one new player to another, be wary of the orcs and skaven. Both armies have lots of units for low amounts of points. That means that if you are playing at 1000 points you need more physical models in your possession to reach 1000 points that you would if you played some other armies like Warriors of Chaos or some army list with high point value models.

Low unit cost = you spending more money to get enough models to hit the point limit
High unit cost = you spending less money to get fewer models to hit the same point limit

So in most every tournament that advertises 2000 points or any match with friends at 2000 points, you will have spent more money on your army than your opponent. This is sometimes tough if you are a new player who is paying a lot of money to get beat by more experienced players whose armies cost less than yours. It's easy to feel like a sucker seeing other people winning with armies cheaper than yours when you cannot win consistently with your expensive army that you're spending a lot of time painting.