View Full Version : Experimental 1500 HE Scout List

Chaotic Pumpkin
10-01-2012, 15:47
Lords 372

Mage 100
Lvl 2 35
Silver Wand 10

Prince 150
Shadow 25
Long Bow 10
Great Weapon 12
Sacred Incense 30

Core 435

16x Archers 176
Light Armor 16
Banner of Arcane Protection 25

16x Sea Guard 192
Shield 16
Standard Bearer 10
Musician 5

Special 596

15x Lions of Chrace 225
Guardian 12
Amulet of Light 15
Musician 6
Standard Bearer 12
Banner of Sorcery Sorcery 50

5x Reavers 85
Musician 7
Standard 14
Bow 20

8x Shadow Warriors 128
Shadow Walker 12


Eagle 50
Eagle 50

1498 Point Total

There you go. I will note that I am a complete newbie in Fantasy, and this list is based purely on models I like and little more. Any advice/tips/suggestions/changes much more than welcome.

10-01-2012, 18:36
Like the idea of the list, but not sure if it would work. Why not give your prince a nice magic bow/great weapon combo? If you're just going for the longbow, might as well free up some points and get a hero instead. Also, why not get a dragon- or eagleriding archmage in that force? More shadow warriors would also be nice, since that fits the army's theme well...

Chaotic Pumpkin
10-01-2012, 22:01
I fixed the post and inserted the unit numbers that were missing!

I like the Eagle-riding Archmage Idea a lot, but that's gonna have to be my only Hero, if that's the case (not that this is a bad thing necessarily).

If I ditch the Sacred Incense, I can get the Reaver Bow (which might work well).

About the alternative, that is, getting a Noble instead of a Prince is also smart. I can either customize my Mage with more or better items, or get a couple more shadow walkers and make two units.