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10-01-2012, 20:16
Scenario: Dawn Attack
Date Played: 9th January 2012

So here it is. Out first battle of 2012. It was also the last game we would play using the, soon to be replaced, Vampire Count rules. And to make it even more special, I had decided to give Clan Skrit a rest for a while - making this their last game for some time!

Never fear, there will be plenty more battles (and reports) in 2012. Both of my regular opponents are already planning revisions to their respective VC armies, and I have some TK reinforcements due to be delivered any time now. But back to the report...

We rolled up the Dawn Attack scenario - and both let out a groan! However not wanting to shy away from a challenge we ploughed on.

Clan Skrit


[GS] Grey Seer, Talisman of Preservation, Skalm (315pts)
[WLR] Warlord, Halberd (93pts)


[BSB] Chieftain, Battle Standard Bearer, Halberd, Armour of Silvered Steel (117pts)
[WE] Warlock Engineer, Level 1, Warp Energy Condenser, Doomrocket (115pts)


[SV] 39 Stormvermin, Fangleader, Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame (308pts)
[CR] 21 Clanrats, Clawleader, Standard Bearer, Musician, Shields (114.5pts)
[SS] 40 Skaven Slaves Musician (82pts)
[GRa] 6 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster (26pts)


[PM] 40 Plague Monks Bringer-of-the-Word, Standard Bearer, Musician, Plague Banner (335pts)
[GR] 6 Gutter Runners Slings, Poisoned Attacks (108pts)


[DW] Doomwheel (150pts)
[HPA] Hellpit Abomination (235pts)

Total: 1998.5pts

Vampire Counts


[VL] Vampire Lord, Level 3, Helm of Commandment, Master of the Black Arts, Sceptre of Stability, Summon Ghouls, Talisman of Preservation, Forbidden Lore (Shadows) (445pts)


[BSB] Wight King, Battle Standard Bearer, Heavy Armour, Shield, The Flayed Hauberk (100pts)
[N] Necromancer, Dispel Scroll, Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's Dance Macabre (95pts)
[TB] Tomb Banshee, (95pts)


[SW] 28 Skeletons, Standard Bearer, Musician, Shields (236pts)
[CG1] 29 Crypt Ghouls, (232pts)
[CG2] 29 Crypt Ghouls, (232pts)
[DW] 5 Dire Wolves (40pts)


[FB1] 3 Fell Bats (60pts)
[FB2] 3 Fell Bats (60pts)


[T] Terrorgheist (225pts)
[V] Varghulf (175pts)

Total: 1995pts

10-01-2012, 20:17

So the Skaven rolled up their spells. Deliberately rolling for the Warlock Engineer first as he was always going to default to Warp Lightning and this would leave only 5 spells left for the level 4 Grey Seer to roll for. As it turned out the Grey Seer rolled up Scorch twice and Warplightning twice - so I basically got to chose whatever spells I wanted!

The scenery on the board consisted of, from top left to top right; an ordinary hill, tower, scree slope, mysterious forest. And from bottom left to bottom right; mist-wreathed swamp, building, elven waystone and an encampment of destruction consisting of a haunted mansion, building and a set of walls.

The Skaven won the roll for deployment and chose the bottom/southern board egde - hoping to get their casters somewhere near the elven waystone. The deployment rolls for the Skaven weren't great, with the Stormvermin and Hellpit Abomination being forced onto the left flank while the Plague Monks were forced onto the right!

The Vampire Counts then rolled up lots of 1's for their smaller "chaff" units - meaning the Varghulf and Terrorgheist were surrounded by Fell Bats and Dire Wolves on the flank. The undead infantry blocks ended on the centre-left either side of the tower.

Finally, the Gutter Runners used their scouting ability to position themselves right next to the undead "chaff".

Grey Seer: Skitterleap, Cracks Call, Death Frenzy, Curse of the Horned Rat
Warlock Engineer: Warp Lightning
Vampire Lord: Lore of Shadows
Necromancer: Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's Dance Macabre

10-01-2012, 20:18
Turn 1 - Clan Skrit

Having deployed second it was down to the Vampire Counts to try and steal the initiative, but they couldn't and the Skaven made the first move.

On the left the Hellpit Abomination couldn't move very far and simply stopped 1" away from the back of the Stormvermin. The Stormvermin themselves moved forwards far enough to get themselves out of the swamp - it was only now that I realised just how bad swamps were for infantry! Luckily only 3 of their number fell to dangerous terrain tests, the unit champion among them.

On the right the Doomwheel moved between the encampment of destruction and the elven waystone. The Giant Rats moved up behind it - making sure they were exactly 1" away. Meanwhile the Plague Monks left the building they had deployed in, and moved along the Skaven deployment zone to meet up with the rest of the army.

The Clanrat bunker scurried into the building in front of them, hoping to hide from the scary things emerging in the distance! The Skaven Slaves moved up alongside the building, leaving enough of a gap for the Hellpit Abomination to move alongside them in the next turn.

The Gutter Runners finished off the movement phase by moving within short range of the Fell Bats on the flank.

The Skaven started their first magic phase with a bang - literally! The curse of the horned rat dropped 13 Skeletons (it was an omen!) but of course it was cast with double 6's. Thankfully the Clanrats being in the building protected them from the worst of it and they only took 3 casualties. The Grey Seer himself was unharmed.

In the shooting phase the Doomwheel failed it's test to restrain it's zzapp attack and lightning bolts fried the Packmaster and 2 Giant Rats from the nearby "rat dart". They failed their panic test and fled away a whopping 3" (having rolled a double 1 + 1 for the scurry away special rule).

The Gutter Runners decided it was time to make up for the last couple of games (where they failed to do more than 1 wound in any turn of shooting) and put 4 wounds on the Fell Bats.

10-01-2012, 20:18
Turn 1 - Vampire Counts

Despite being spread out over the length of the board, the Vampires decided not to consolidate their units just yet and instead set a trap for the Gutter Runners.

The undead infantry units advanced and began to close the gap around the tower.

On the far right the Terrorgheist, Varghulf and Direwolves all set themselves up to hunt down the Gutter Runners - overkill or what?!

The remaining Fell Bats and Corpse Cart slowly fell back towards the left to try and support the infantry.

In the magic phase the Vampire raised some new Skeletons to add to the bunker.

The Vampire attempted to hex the Stormvermin, but the Grey Seer dispelled the spell.

In the shooting phase, the Terrorgheist screamed at the Gutter Runners - and promptly rolled 11. Sadly the sneaky rats 6+ dodge save wasn't up to the task of saving the 10 wounds inflicted!


10-01-2012, 20:19
Turn 2 - Clan Skrit

Sensing that the right flank was about to be swarming with bats, monsters and even a feral vampire, the Skaven decided to do what they do best and get away!

The Doomwheel saw a chance to cause havoc with it's lightning and zoomed off towards the hill in the centre.

The fleeing Giant Rats failed their rally test and fled towards the Skaven board edge. Annoyingly this blocked the Plague Monks from continuing their advance towards the left. Instead, the Plague Monks swift reformed and moved around the back of the Giant Rats.

On the left the Skaven units held their positions and allowed the Hellpit Abomination to catch up - it even obliged by rolling the exact amount needed for form a neat battle line.

In the magic phase the Grey Seer started by casting Skitterleap on the Warlock Engineer. He was conservative with the power dice, only rolling 4 - to encourage a dispel attempt in order to drain dice from the Vampire Counts pool. However of course he got another double 6! The Warlock Engineer took up position to launch his Doomrocket. The miscast saw the Grey Seer lose 2 magic levels, the Skitterleap spell and of course the random spell that was lost was the Dreaded 13th! :(

Ahem...moving on to the shooting phase!

The Doomwheel didn't want to restrain it's shooting this time. But of course it rolled a misfire and failed to do any harm what-so-ever to the undead horde! The miscast roll failed to do any damage, but it reduced the Doomwheel's movement by -1D6.

Making up for the emerging spree of bad luck, the Warlock Engineer lit the fuse on his Doomrocket. It overshot ever so slightly and actually ended up hitting the nearest edge of the Ghoul unit - when it was aimed at the Skeleton bunker. However overall the death toll was pretty satisfying.

10-01-2012, 20:19
Turn 2 - Vampire Counts

Slightly unnerved by the death toll inflicted upon the undead infantry blocks, the Ghoul block nearest the centre of the board moved up to within 8" of the building where the Clanrat bunker was hiding. The remaining two blocks repositioned themselves to try and take on the Stormvermin.

On the right flank the various undead units began their slow advance back towards the rest of the battle. The Terrorgheist used the Fell Bats to cover itself whilst still being in position for another jolly good scream.

In the magic phase the Necromancer cast the first spell - Vanhel's Dance Macabre on the central Ghoul unit. The Skaven failed to dispel it - by rolling a double 1! The Ghouls charged into the building, aiming to decimate the Clanrat bunker.

Having got Vanhel's through sooner than either player expected, the Vampire and Necromancer turned their attention to raising back troops to compensate for the damage inflicted by the Doom Rocket.

In the shooting phase the Banshee screamed into the building, rolling nice and high (11 on 2D6) and managing to kill 7 Clanrats.

Then it was time for the the Terrorgheist to scream at the Doomwheel. A roll of 12 saw the Skaven crew literally bleed through their eyes and scream as their souls were ripped to shreds.

In combat the Ghouls easily beat the Clanrats in the building. However the Skaven bunker passed it's stubborn break test thanks to the Grey Seer and BSB. The Ghouls backed away 1"

10-01-2012, 20:20
Turn 3 - Clan Skrit

Having failed to dislodge the Clanrats in the previous turn. The unit of Ghouls in the centre was now conveniently positioned for flank charges from both the Hellpit Abomination and the Plague Monks. Both units made it in - the Plague Monks needing to roll 8+ (on 2D6), and the Hellpit Abomination needing something like 10+ (on 3D6).

The Stormvermin were keen to anchor the left flank and protect the Hellpit Abomination while it worked on the first unit of Ghouls. They charged the other unit of Ghouls and also made the distance.

The Skaven Slaves couldn't make it past the base of the Hellpit Abomination, and so they simply "shuffled" sideways.

And finally, the most informative picture of the whole report, the Giant Rats once again failed their rally test and fled off the board.

In the magic phase the Warlock Engineer cast Warplightning on the Fell Bat who had earlier survived the shooting from the Gutter Runners.

Having no shooting left in the army, it was straight onto combat.

The Plague Monks took 3 casualties to the Ghouls. However the combined attacks of the rabid rats and the Hellpit Abomination slaughtered the Ghouls to a man. The Hellpit Abomination reformed to face the Stormvermin, while the Plague Monks used their compulsory overrun to "bounce" off the Hellpit Abomination.

The other combat didn't quite go as well for the Skaven. The Vampire Lord used the Helm of Commandment to give the Ghouls WS7. It started with the Wight King issuing a challenge which was promptly declined by the Skaven Warlord who retired to the back ranks.

After blows had been struck, the Stormvermin lost 4 of their number while the Ghouls lost 5. The Stormvermin won the combat by 1, but the undead BSB prevented any Ghouls from crumbling. The Stormvermin combat reformed to maximise their ranks, staying 7 wide as 7 models were in base contact with Ghouls to start with. The Ghouls then past their test to also combat reform and they switched into horde formation to maximise their attacks!

10-01-2012, 20:20
Turn 3 - Vampire Counts

The Vampires started with a choice - charge the Skeleton bunker into the flank of the Plague Monks, which would mean the bunker couldn't escape the Hellpit Abomination later on. Or retreat to a safer location. They opted for the later.

Note: they swift reformed and changed to a 6-wide formation to ensure the back ranks weren't exposed to the Hellpit Abomination.

The rest of the undead army swung around on the flank, closing the gap on the Skaven. This was painfully slow though as the Varghulf was only within 6" of the Dire Wolves, so the rest couldn't march this turn.

In the magic phase the Vampire Lord cast Steed of Shadows on the Necromancer to put him in range of the undead flanking units.

The Skaven let this spell through, planning to instead dispel anything the Necromancer would subsequently cast. But of course the Grey Seer got distracted and used up his dispel dice on some hexes the Vampire Lord tried to put on the Stormvermin.

The Necromancer then used up the last power dice to cast Vanhel's Dance Macabre on the Varghulf to bring it within range to charge into the Plague Monks next turn. He rolled a double 6 - so it was a good job the Skaven didn't save any dice! But the miscast didn't do any damage at all.

In combat the Ghouls were boosted again by the Helm of Commandment. The Wight King spotted the Skaven Warlord sneaking back into the fighting ranks and issued another challenge - which was quickly refused again! Against the WS7 undead horde the Stormvermin couldn't cut it and lost combat by a large margin. However thanks to their ranks they were steadfast on Ld9 and held their ground.

10-01-2012, 20:21
Turn 4 - Clan Skrit

Having just squished lots of Ghouls in the previous Skaven turn, the Hellpit Abomination had an urge for more and surged into the other unit of Ghouls who were fighting the Stormvermin.

Meanwhile the Plague Monks did a swift reform to turn and face the undead flanking units and then back away 2.5" to maximise their chances of not getting charged just yet!

The Clanrat bunker in the building decided it was time to leave before they got assaulted. After a bit of fiddling about we worked out that the Skaven Slaves could swift reform to make room and this is where they both ended up.

The Warlock Engineer moved out of the charge arc of the Skeleton Bunker, and into a position where it could make use of it's Warp Lightning against something other than massed infantry!

In the magic phase the Grey Seer cast Death Frenzy on the Storm Vermin with irresistible force! The miscast put a S6 hit on each wizard in the Skaven army. Of course the Grey Seer got away scot free, but the Warlock Engineer got a shock when he was wounded out of the blue.

In combat the frenzied attacks from the Stormvermin ripped the Ghouls apart - despite their WS7. The Hellpit Abomination never even rolled for it's thunderstomp as we new enough damage had been inflicted to crumble the unit off the board. The Hellpit overran in hope of getting a flank/rear charge on the Skeleton bunker next turn.

Finally the Stormvermin reformed into a 5-wide formation, and took their first casualties from Death Frenzy.

10-01-2012, 20:22
Turn 4 - Vampire Counts

With their main infantry blocks quickly falling it was time for the Vampire support units to get involved in the main fight.

The Varghulf charged into the front of the Plague Monk horde to hold them in position.

The Skeleton bunker moved up to 1" from the Stormvermin, preparing for a charge and putting the Vampire Lord within range to support the Varghulf with her spells. Meanwhile the remaining unit of Fell Bats positioned themselves 1" away from the Hellpit Abomination to make sure it couldn't pivot around to face the Skeleton bunker without hitting them first.

The Terrorgheist moved up to within 8" of the Clanrat bunker that had just exited the building.

While the rest of the army moved up as fast it could - but still not marching in most casts.

In the magic phase the Stormvermin were the focus of the Vampire Lords attention. They were hexed twice. Once with Enfeebling Foe, and then again with Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma, taking their WS down by -1. Finally the Vampire Lord cast Steed of Shadows on herself allowing her to fly out of the Skeleton bunker to the relative safety of the ground along the Stormvermins flank.

The Terrorgheist did what it had been doing best this game and screamed at the Clanrat bunker protecting the Grey Seer and Chieftain BSB. For the first time all game, the roll for the scream wasn't an 11 or 12! A roll of 6 meant that the 5 remaining Clanrats were killed - leaving the two characters unharmed. (6 + 6 wounds - 7 Ld = 5 wounds).

Then in combat the Varghulf battered the Plague Monks silly by killing 6 in total while the Plague Monks could only manage a single wound in return (they had already used their Plague Banner in their earlier combat against the Ghouls). However the rats were steadfast and held their ground.

10-01-2012, 20:22
Turn 5 - Clan Skrit

With things already being set in motion, the Skaven continued with their plan. The Hellpit Abomination turned and collided with the Fell Bats so "charged" them. While the Stormvermin charged the now leaderless Skeleton bunker.

The Grey Seer and Chieftain BSB scurried into the ranks of the Skaven Slaves, who had only just reformed to turn and face the main threats.

In the magic phase the Grey Seer focused his efforts on dispelling Enfeebling Foe on the Stormvermin.

The Warlock Engineer then tried to use the remaining dice to cast Warp Lightning on the Necromancer, but failed to meet the casting value.

In combat the Varghulf once again beat the Plague Monks, but of course they held their ground and passed their test to combat reform - into as many ranks as possible ready for the long haul! :)

The Hellpit Abomination easy flattened the three Fell Bats and overran towards the Necromancer but rolled 1" short of the distance needed.
Note: I know it looks more than 1" short on the photo, but the model wouldn't stand up where it actually ended up.

The Stormvermin lost two of their number to the Skeletons. In return the Stormvermin didn't do quite so well. The Skeletons were WS7 thanks to the Helm of Commandment and of course the Stormvermin were S3 with their halberds thanks to Enfeebling Foe. However, even with the Skaven Warlord fighting for the first time the units frenzied attacks only killed 4 Skeletons.

The Stormvermin reformed to maximise their attacks.

We forgot to roll for the Death Frenzy casualties until during the VC turn, but basically 5 of them died - after the above photo was taken.

10-01-2012, 20:23
Turn 5 - Vampire Counts

With the Grey Seer and Chieftain BSB escaping from the Terrorgheist among the ranks of Skaven Slaves, the undead monstrosity turned it's attention to the dwindling Stormvermin and charged them in the rear.

The Vampire Lord moved away from the stormvermin and behind the Plague Monks.

The Necromancer and Direwolves moved up ready to lend their support where needed.

The Corpse Cart pulled off the same trick as the Fell Bats and positioned itself 1" away from the Hellpit Abomination to make sure it couldn't get into another crucial combat.

This was when we remembered to roll for the Stormvermin Death Frenzy casualties that should have been applied at the end of the last Skaven turn.

In the magic phase the Vampire Lord cast Withering on the Plague Monks hoping to help the Varghulf finish off that combat sooner rather than later.

The Necromancer also healed a wound on the Varghulf.

The Terrorgheist was obviously getting a sore throat now as it's scream against the Stormvermin only killed 2 of the rats.

In combat the Plague Monks once again held their ground against the Varghulf.

And finally the Terrorgheist and Skeletons killed off the last of the Stormvermin and put 2 wounds on the Skaven Warlord. But not before the elite rats brought down 8 of the Skeletons. The Skaven Warlord was left with 1 wound, and needed snake eyes to hold his ground...

10-01-2012, 20:24
Turn 6 - Clan Skrit

The Grey Seer saw a cunning way to potentially end the undead threat for good. The position that the lone Vampire Lord had ended the turn in was within the Skaven Slaves charge arc, and enough Plague Monks had died to the Varghulf that there was now room to charge in.

The Hellpit Abomination turned again and hit the Corpse Cart so had to charge it.

In the magic phase the Grey Seer again didn't bother casting anything and instead dispelled Withering on the Plague Monks.

The Hellpit Abomination of course made short work of the Corpse Cart. Impact hits alone were enough to trash the undead unit. The Hellpit overran towards the board edge to ensure it was safe for the VC final turn.

After that it became important to play out the combats in the right order. The Skaven Slaves needed to fight first to a) avoid a potential flank charge from a Varghulf if it beat the Plague Monks and b) potentially allow the Slaves an overrun into the rear of the Terrorgheist - which may even save the Skaven Warlord.

The Skaven Slaves had charged into the lone Vampire Lord so were starting the combat with +5 static combat resolution (charging, BSB, 3 ranks). The Vampire Lord only had 4 attacks so couldn't win, but it was a question of how much she lost by. Out of the 4 attacks only 2 hit, and one of those rolled a 1 to wound! The Vampire crumbled to the combat resolution having lost by 4 and the Skaven Slaves overran into the back of the Terrorgheist.

Then the Skaven Warlord felled several Skeletons in his death throes before being squished by the Terrorgheists claw. The Terrorgheist also tried allocating attacks against the Chieftain but failed to wound. With the ranks and rear charging bonuses the Skaven had won the combat by enough to wipe out the Terrorgheist and bring the Skeleton bunker down to it's last 2 models.

Then it was the Plague Monks turn last. They once again lost combat - having failed to put any wounds on the Varghulf. But yet again they held thanks to their re-rollable steadfast test.

Having lost their Vampire Lord general this combat phase, it was time for the undead to start rolling their crumbling tests. The remaining Skeletons fell apart, as did the Necromancer (not being a Vampire himself). The only remaining troops were a lone Direwolve and the Varghulf - who was immune as he is a Vampire.

10-01-2012, 20:24
Turn 6 - Vampire Counts

With so few troops left the final turn of the game was over pretty quickly.

The last of the Direwolves fell to crumbling tests at the start of the turn, leaving only the Varghulf to win the day.

We went straight into combat where the Varghulf finally broke the Plague Monks. The plagued rats fled through the Skaven Slaves* but the Varghulf only pursued 2". And that was it!

* = we forgot to roll for the panic test. However it was a re-rollable Ld10, and the Slaves couldn't have fled off the board from their current position. So it wouldn't have changed the outcome.

Game over - victory to Clan Skrit

10-01-2012, 20:25
Post Battle Thoughts

Clan Skrit
So plenty of miscasts, support units dying early, and losing my most powerful spell on turn 2. I had expected things to go differently when I'd finished rolling for deployment, but the initial "blips" of bad luck hadn't helped.

With the Ghouls charging the building early on it was a golden opportunity to move the Plague Monks over to the other side of the board, and take out a big chunk of the VC offensive in one go. And then the Vampire Lord being left exposed like that was a mistake that I couldn't let go. By all rights I hadn't expected to kill the Vampire Lord, but I had hoped to do enough over the final couple of rounds of combat - and shut down the Helm of Commandment for the duration.

The Hellpit Abomination was of course the most destructive thing going. Two units of Ghouls, some Fell Bats and a Corpse Cart. It's a random monster, but if it rolls the right attacks then it really is an abomination!

So as I mentioned in the overview, Clan Skrit is taking a bit of a break for now. I've got some TK models arriving soon which should see my old army brought up to 8th edition standards. I'll be sure to post a report once we have played a game or two.

Vampire Counts
What was I thinking... A catalogue of bad choices, some seen with hindsight, others that really should have been obvious. I think I even had more than my fair share of good luck too.

13-01-2012, 00:56
Another fun bat rep to read thanks Tarrym.

It's a shame you are putting the skaven on a break as since it is an army that I play I enjoy reading your lists for them. But I will continue to read your batreps just because they are so well laid out and good battles.

13-01-2012, 04:10
Nice Report!

13-01-2012, 10:47
A great bat rep as always.
Cant wait to see the vampires back for some new armie book battles ;)