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22-04-2006, 07:04
So today waz da big test wit my no big un warband, many said it couldn't be done, but all da uver boyz waz ready for anyfing and so ventured into da City o the Damned

Boss Grotsnot -Crossbow, dagger
Nuglug - Shaman - Axe, Club, Dagger - fires of gork -

Da Shootaz - 2 Orcs with Bows, Daggers
Da Snipa- 1 Orc with Bow, Club, Dagger
Da Poker - 1 Orcs with Swords, Daggers
Da Choppas - 2 Orcs with Axes, Daggers
Da Smashas - 2 Orcs with Clubs, Daggers
Da Bashas - 2 Orc Uge Choppas (halberd), daggers

My first game I went up against da rats. 6 heroes and only 2 henchmen with a couple of games under their belts meant that it was definately quality vs quantity. We ended up playing a Occupy and were playing on a board with fixed terrain (ruins of osgiliath to be exact). He won the roll off and since there were only five building, he choose the side where 3 buildings could be occupied by him during deployment. This pretty much dictated the game, I had to move into the un occupied building and managed to stomp three of his heroes, though I managed to lose half my boyz in the prosess. In the end it was a tie. We both occupied 2 buildings. He was forced to abandon one of his building so it was empty. After the game, only the shaman got an advancement (+1BS)and I brought in a lousy 30 teef. I lost two henchmen, but had some teef saved so I replaced them.
starting rating - 90
ending rating - 102

Game Two
Next up I played a strong undead warband with a rating of about 160. He had about a dozen zombies, 3 killer dregs, a ghoul, a warlock and vampire with 3 wounds. I was a little concerned. A river ran through the board and each side was accessable only by a pair of bridges.

We played a wyrdstone hunt, and each player quickly grabbed the two wyrdstone markers on each side of the river. His Vampire and half a dozen zombies supported by the warlock took one bridge, the dregs and more zombies went to the other bridge. I ineffectually shot at him as he advanced, and finally his vamp charged one of my boyz and promptly took him out. over half my warband was waiting there ready to pounce. I thought to pinchusion him with shooting. However, one of Da Smashas thought otherwise and got a 6 after failing his animosity roll. So he charged and spoiled all my shots, so every one around charged. This included my shaman and about 3 other boyz. In the shooting phase my shaman unleased the fires of gork and snots the vampire away. He scored an awesome 4 wounds. I then bounded on the bridge and hacked apart some zombies. Unfortuatly the dregs charged in and took out enough boys to make me rout.

The post game did not start well, I only lost a single henchman, but Nuglug died after being taken out by a dreg. To make matters worse, Nuglug was raised by the hideous necromancer. Now he would be strengthening my opponent. I was down to a single hero and was starting to think samtheman and Festus were right about about taking those stinking biguns. The topping on the cake is when he rolls for his heroes. One of the dregs gets hardened, the other is sold to the pits and whomps on a pitfighter and brings him a bunch of loot and exp. Great. However not all is lost as boyz pick up the slack and I get no less then 3 lads got talent rolls, woo-hoo. So I hire a new Shaman and suddenly I am back in buisness with 5 heroes.

Starting rating - 102
ending rating - 115
Boss Grotsnot -Crossbow, club, dagger - +1BS
Madmorka - Shaman -Sword, Dagger, - Clubba -
Grimfang da Shoota - Bow, Dagger, Club - Quick shot
Wazdak da Snipa - Bow, Club, Dagger +1 I
Urguk Da Smasha - Club, sword - resilient

Da Shootaz - 1 Orc with Bow, Club Dagger +1 BS
Da Poker - 1 Orc with Sword, Dagger +1WS
Da Choppa - 1 Orc with Axe, Dagger, Bow +1 BS
Da Smasha -1 Orcs with Club, Daggers +1I
Da Basha - Orc Uge Choppa (halberd), dagger +1WS
Da Killa - Orc Uge Choppa (halberd), dagger +1 WS
32 Teef

Stay Tuned more fun and mayhem as it unfolds every week here in the city of the damned.


23-04-2006, 21:00
You sir are pretty darned lucky. Good luck with the rest of the campaign.

24-04-2006, 04:34
You know what they say: Lucky in dice, unlucky at everything else in life.

Well maybe they don't say that but I have found it to be generally true.

30-04-2006, 10:54
Da Lootas had survived their close encounter with the undead and headed off further into the city. It would seem the dead do not rest easy in this city and once more the lootas found them selves facing off angainst different undead warband. Da Boss explained "Da Plan" He and Da shoota would climb onto the upper floors of a ruined tower, while Grimfang and Wazdak would occupy a building across the way. Madmorka was to lead da boyz and was to sit back until the undead crossed a large stone, then they should charge in and krump em. Soon they heard the baying of the 4 dire wolves who accompanied the vampire approaching. Looking out from the tower, Gobsnot saw the pack approach, followed the necromancer, a warlock, a couple dregs, and about 5 zombies. Over on the flank he noted somekind of deranged cursed hillman sneaking up. As the came closer arrows began to fly from the tower and the building as the Orcs took aim. The fell short at first, but then as the undead continued to advance, they came under fire and Gobsnot fired a bolt through the neck of a Direwolf, killing it (again). Seconds later, Grimfang took a Zombie out of action. The vampire and remaining wolves had reached the stone and the boyz got ready to charge in when inexplicably they stopped.

Da Boyz looked at Madmorka and one of em asked "wot's de doin?" Madmorka opened his mouth to answer when he heard a shout from behind and turned to see that Da Basha had taken his Uge Choppa to the head of Da Smasha, who had insulted him in some way. Da basha was slow to get up, but as soon as he recovered his feet, he looked down to see an arrow protruding from his chest. He promptly tumbled to the dirt once more. It seemed thhe vampie and his cronies had halted their advance to shoot at the orcs.

Finally Da Killa Declared "enough o dis, I'll show you lads how its done" and ran off and charged the slavering undead dogs. Despite his enthusiasm, his skill was not up to par and he did nothing but exchange blows with the hound. The other hounds then charged in as the arrows continued to fly back and forth. Da killa, though not killing anyone was holding his own and refused to be injuried. Finally the cursed hillman charged in knocked him on his back, however as the hounds closed in, their teeth failed to find a vulnerable spot and he dragged himslef to his feet. Madmorka, shouted okay boyz new plan, Waaaagh" and charged off towards the undead. As they were moving up and looked to scatter the hounds, the vampire charged into the Basha, ready to tear him to shreads, Da Basha watched as the vampire completely missed him and hefted his uge choppa and slit a large gash down the chest of the vampire. The vampire was critically wounded and fell over. Madmorka saw this and before his could get to his feet charged over and smashed his huge clubba into the vampires face. The rest of the boys charged in, and Urguk dispatched the stinking hillman. On flank, Wazdak da Snipa ended a dual that had began with the warlock, when he logded and arrow in the wizard. Though the wound didn't seem serious, the warlocks plummet over the side of the building and bone breaking crunch as he hit the cobblestones certainly did.

With that the remaing undead fled the field. the orcs had one.

It was a solid win for the orcs, though to be honest I don't think my opponent was up to par. He stopped his advance and began a shooting war with me. I had more missile weapons in more hands and was more skilled with them, and was in a better position. he was shooting at my boss and a henchman in a tower with bs 5 and 4 respectivly. he was in the open with his to dregs and necromancer and shooting with BS 3, 3 and 2. he was needing 6s and 7s to hit and 5+ to wound and I was needing a 3+, and 4+ to hit, and a 3+, 4+ to wound. Really I am not sure what he was thinking. When he finally did charge with the vamp after I moved in, he had pathetic luck and completely missed. My one attack back caused a critical, and my shaman was able to finish him off easily. All my heroes took someone OOA, and grimfang accounted for two dead. My henchie made a full recovery. I then gained the following advances.
Gobsnot - resilient
Madmorka - resilient
Grimfang - +1 T, +1S
Wazdak - +1 S
Urguk - Ride

Da Basha - +1I
Da Smasha - +1WS
Da Choppa - +1Ld

I earned 70 teef and sent all the boyz out looking for a boar to ride, Urguk was able to find one and I have 14 teef left over, I'll probably shell out for a spear and shield for Urguk, though I'll have to sell off some weapons. All in all a good day.
Staring rating 115
ending- 138


Quin 242
30-04-2006, 11:59
It looks like you bought a new Warboss? Sadly that's not an option. Or did you just promote a hero in to fill the slot? (sorry re-read... you got a new Shaman!) good enough then :)

But it sounds like you are having fun.
How are the animosity rolls working out for you. My Ork Boyz end up whacking each other at least once a game.

30-04-2006, 21:03
all that extra toughness.... :eek:

keep us posted.

Cpt. Drill
01-05-2006, 01:40
I think the guys with swords should be called the slicers

01-05-2006, 08:49
Quin 242 - I am learning to try to keep the boys closer to the heroes then each other so if they wig out they won't take each other out. I have had a few incidents, but nothing game changing.

HiredSword - I agree, they are going to be mean once the close combat guys get resilience, +1T and a couple wounds. Even S4 won't crit them. Nasty.

Cpt. Drill - That does sound better, but they were da pokers when I thought it would be worthwhile to have spears. Read the new rules and realized that spears were worthless to orcs. So the spears went but the name stayed. I will consider Da Sliceas for my next henchman group. That reads wierd, da slicas? no.... how about da slashas?


01-05-2006, 09:40
i'm glad you've got so many heroes now, your starting number was a bit worrying. You are using the orc and gobbos list right? if you are, have you thought about buying a troll? with all those heroes you'll start taking in more teef and you might find you can afford it.

01-05-2006, 10:46
i'm glad you've got so many heroes now, your starting number was a bit worrying. You are using the orc and gobbos list right? if you are, have you thought about buying a troll? with all those heroes you'll start taking in more teef and you might find you can afford it.

I was worried too, especially when my shaman bit the dust after my second game, leaving me with only the boss. A troll is on the shopping list. he will be my next big purchase. I need to load up on some equipment first however for my boar boy. I was thinking light armour, spear, great weapon and shield. I also would like to see him advance one or two more times before he mounts up.


01-05-2006, 13:53
all that armour is going to be neglected pretty quickly if you're fighting high strength models, which is what this comabt monster should be charging. I dont think it will be worth it, but i'm quite interested to if it will work or not.

How much for a boar is it exactly? i never played with mounted models because of the whole mounting and dismounting thing.

02-05-2006, 20:33
one vote of confidence for a troll:

while he's pricey and has upkeep, he will NEVER die. so you NEVER need to buy a second one :)

06-05-2006, 09:40
It had been a while since da boyz ventured out, but the day seemed young and full of the promise of bloodshed. As they moved through the ruins, they came upon a band of half naked armoured gladiators from the infamous fighting pits of the empire. Worse yet they had among them, one of the thrice accursed stunties. Upon seeing this ancient foe, Gobsnot roared to the boyz to "Get Um". Gobsnot had learned a thing or two so far and set up his archers in the ruins, covering likely approaches. Da Boyz gathered around Madmorka and Urguk again. Gobsnot climbed up on a towering rock that held a commanding view of the battlefield. As the pit fighters advanced, gobsnot and the archers peppered them with arrows, wounding their leader and taking out a couple of the pursuers. Gobsnot warned the boys to let them close and only charge when they get close as they had few ranged weapons. One of the pursuers threw a javelin and it pinned Wazdak's hand to the wall as he was reaching for an arrow. No matter how hard he tried Wazdak could not free his hand and was effectively out of the battle.

Suddenly the stunty broke from cover and screaming a deathwish advances towards the boyz. The boyz were happy to oblige and several broke into a run as they attempt to show the others who was da best. Madmorka led the others foward knowing that their strength lay in numbers. They all charged in and only the pitking was a real challenge for da boyz he knocked da boyz down and stun them left and right. Madmorka made quick work of the stunty and the uva boyz wiped out most of da panzie pursuers, and a pitfighter with a chest wound. Everyone ganged up on the pitking and finally brought him down. One pursuer was left, and bravely defied the orks, and was unsurprisingly beaten to a pulp.

This was a pretty amazing battle, first off the pitfighters had to made rout tests starting on turn 3. the game probably lasted around 8-9 turns. Even when the pitking was taken out and a single pursuer remained, he passed his all alone test and the bottle test. Secondly my anomosity. I only failed about 8 anomosity checks all game but what was surprising, was that all but 2 ended up being 6's. My boyz were really showing off, competeing for that last hero slot I guess. Thirdly, in the post battle, all his pursuers died, as well as one of his pitfighters, leaving him with just 3 models. ouch.

It was better off for the boyz though. Da Slasha who had parried numerous attacks that game died, and Wazdak suffered a hand injury from the javalin. everyone else (2 henchies) made a full recovery. For advances I got the following;
Madmorka - Fires of Gork
Grimfang - +1A
Urguk - +1 W

Krumpa Da Killa - LGT - Strongboy(man)
Da Shoota - +1 WS

I managed 60 teef and added the 14 i already had and bought the following: Light armour, shield, Spear, 2 x 2 handed weapons (Mega Choppas) I have 9 teef remaining.
1 mega choppa goes to krumpa. The LA, Shield, spear and a mega choppa are for Urguk for when he wants to mount up on that boar. This would give him a 3+ save and the GW for when he is going to strike last anyway. I think I may just put them in storage with the boar as well. I am glad Urguk got the +1W, though I would have been happier with a +1 T. This would have made him immune to crits from S3 in shooting and crits of S3 or S4 in hth. Whats the point of a good armour save, if someone crits and ignores it. He will also be getting "well 'ard" as his next skill, boosting his save to 2+. I think I may let him mature some more he only has 9 exp, and will likely pick up a couple advances in the next couple of battles. What do you ladz think. Field him now, or wait a bit?
ending warband rating - 149


Hiredsword: Actually he won't be going after the HtH monsters. He'll be using his mobility to krump some archers and other supporters. I leave the HtH to da mob.

Tkitch- I agree, a troll is next on my to do list.

Quin 242
06-05-2006, 19:53
That Ld of 4 for trolls scares me. If you can keep him in 6" of your boss then you have a pretty good chance of your troll doing what you want but if your leader goes down or if you need to charge or something it would just suck to have 200 GC's worth of non experience getting, drooling, standing there, meat :(
There is that NEVER die thing tho.. so thats 200 that will be available next game (as long as you make at least 15 gc per game anyways)

06-05-2006, 20:11
going after archers may work as well (as long as they aren't above ground level).

If you're getting a troll, then maybe your leader wandering out of range for its stupidity checks is not a good idea. unless you bring the troll along with him on his archer hunting trips....

but then again you want the troll for those big fights.

06-05-2006, 20:30


Anyway, great 'blog: makes me want to play Mordheim. Damn you, I don't have either the time OR the money!


06-05-2006, 21:14
Quin 242: Obviously the troll wont be left to his own devices, however it does bring up an dilemma. My Warboss currently has BS 5 a crossbow and quickshot. He is easily my best shooter and I rely on him take a couple enemy out before they close. In order to use his LD for the troll, he would become a combatant instead of a sniper. He is much better suited towards the sniper role at the moment. I have thought about giving him a brace of pistols, after he gets the skill for them of course. With pistols he could advance, though my shooting output would be greatly reduced. I guess I could give him the skill that lets him move and fire. BTW urguk, the boy with the boar, is just a hero, not my boss.

Hired Sword: Agreed, eventually after a couple of skill advances, I would like him to have the running dismount and pitfighter skills. I would love the look on someones face as they shelter their warband in buildings, thinking them safe from the boar, when this guy comes flying through the window on a diving charge. Course Ill need some Int bonuses too.

precinctomega: C'mon it is one of the quickest and cheapest games GW produces. All the rules are free online, and a regiment box will give you all the models you will need for a warband. Games are also short and you can usually get 2-3 in in the time it would to play one game of 40k or fantasy.

Cpt. Drill
06-05-2006, 22:46
Just keep the reports coming.. theya re always entertaining and fun to read!

07-05-2006, 07:40
@ sonsosigmar - I know, I know... [;)]


07-05-2006, 09:18
its good to know you've taken it into consideration, all i can do now is wish you good dice rolls for the next battle report!