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11-01-2012, 15:18
I debated whether this would go under the Rules forum or not, but since i am not asking about a specific rule, I figured this was better. Here is my dilemma:

I have been interested in playing Warhammer Fantasy for a while now. I have a handful of miniatures (I paint them as a hobby, just never played a game), but not enough for an actual army. I just pick up whatever looks interesting when I see it. I tend to enjoy smaller more skirmish based games over large wars / formation types of games. So I am a bit iffy on the Warhammer Fantasy front. It looks like a cool game, and from the reviews I've read and so forth, it has piqued my interest. Unfortunately I am working on a severe limited budget. I have a spring / summer / season job, and it is winter :(.

So, to get to the point. Is there any possible way to test the waters of Warhammer Fantasy and see if I like it enough to shell out the $$ to buy the rulebook and build an army? I don't have any friends who play currently. A few are interested, but don't want to pay the money for it all, and don't paint. They just want to play. And the closest game shop that holds any game nights is about an hr away from here, and not all that feasible. I suppose if that is my only option, I will take a trip, but...:eyebrows: I have browsed the GW site and don't see any fast play rules, or intro rules, or anything like that. I have found the Island of Blood rulebook on e-bay fairly cheap, would that contain everything I need to get going and try it (aside from an army)? I know the Island of Blood set has a couple of armies in it, but it is still like 80$. Granted, not a ton, but more than I want to pay to say, "eehhhhh", if it is not my cup of tea. Can you make 'tokens' or cutouts to fill in for a mini / troop, just to try it out?

11-01-2012, 18:21
It's going to be tough without a local gaming store to really get a feel for the hobby!

Typically you can waltz into a GW and see, firsthand, what it's all about and play some awesome demos.

In your situation though there is only one sensible way to do it....

1) Find out who your local players are - and 1 hour drive doesn't sound local to me, that sounds like a pain in the bum!

2) See if they will let you go over and watch them play games - become friends

3) See if they will run a demo game with you, say 500 points

If all goes well then you have:

A) A good idea of the hobby and if you would like it
B) Somebody to play in your area!!

It's an expensive hobby either way - the cheapest way is to check out Craigslist and see who has stuff for sale on the cheap.

11-01-2012, 18:30
Well is it an hour drive? It says you live in New York, there has to be shops around there? Sometimes you need to look a bit more to find independent stores. I used to live in the suburbs to a big city, and it took me an hour to commute to my local GW, but it's worth it. Just bring a friend and ask for an intro game. Once you've gotten started you won't need to go there all the time, you can get the stuff online and so on.

If it's a great bother you could always cut out pieces of paper and play with them. Sometimes people playtest stuff with that method, but you loose a major part of the game, the visual.

Edit: Oh, I saw that you said "stores that hold game nights", a lot of the time you can get demo games during business hours as well so don't rule some of them out!

11-01-2012, 18:37
Yeah, i live in New York, but I mean the state, not the city. I am about 5 hours away from the city in Upstate NY. I live out in the country in the middle of the boonies ;). We have a couple local game shops, but they tailor to CCG (like Magic: the Gathering) and to console / computer MMORPG's. There is one that has some minis now and then, but they don't actively sell GW products or have any wargame nights. I think the guy just picks stuff up in trades and online auctions and resells them :confused:.

Although, I never thought of Craigslist, that is a good idea. I will have to check that out and see what I can find. Thanks!

11-01-2012, 19:30
If You have a budget issue, check out e-bay. I collected a dwarf army recently for a third of a retail price. All You need is patiance.

11-01-2012, 20:02
In the old days warhammer rules came with a load of card markers to use for figures.

An Isle of Blood rule book and the scenario suppliment, kitchen table and some cut out bits of card with elf and skaven written on them and you're away. It's not as pretty as modelled table, but the game's the same...

11-01-2012, 21:16
On the GW site you can download the rules for Mordheim for free (check under the Specialist Games tab). It's a skirmish game based on an earlier edition of Warhammer, and is like enough that you'd get a feel for the basic stats and such at least. I also think it works well as a "gateway drug" since you only need 10-20 models for a warband. That warband could later be expanded into a WFB army, I did that with my Beastmen.

As said, looking for online bargains is a good way to start an army on the cheap.