View Full Version : Which army for Tournament?

11-01-2012, 17:47
Im going to a 1500 pt tournament soon and am debating on which army to take, its either down to ogres or orcs and goblins. Theres a no lord comp for this tourney. So here are the lists:

Lvl 2 Firebelly:
-extra hand weapon, dispel scroll, ruby ring of ruin

Bruiser BSB
-Heavy armor, enchanted shield

8 Ironguts
-banner, msc, standard of discipline

3 Mournfangs
-banner, msc

3 Mournfangs
-banner, msc

3x sabretusks



Orc warboss
-fencers blades

Lvl 2 savage orc shaman
-shrunken head

Savage orc BSB
-extra hand weapon

24 Savage orc big uns
-full command

48 Night goblins
-banner, msc, nets

24 squigs
-12 handlers

24 black orcs
-banner, msc, standard of discipline

2x boltthrowers

So the ogres have a better magic phase and hit like a ton of bricks but lack leadership. The orcs still hit pretty hard and have better leadership and more bodies. So what do people think? which list would you take?

11-01-2012, 21:13
Drop some of the sqigs , and twO chukkas and give your Orc characters some Protection and try to squeeze in a lobba or doom diver. Or drop all squigs and add some trolls

11-01-2012, 22:08
Drop the stone horn and make the fangs units of 4 and give them the dragonhide banner also maybe grab some scouting man-eaters with heavy armor and additional handweapons I don't think you have enough points for all of that but try some of it

12-01-2012, 22:41
drop the squig unit all together in my opinoin. if ye want squigs go with one or two manglers...oooo there good. last tourney i went to i went orcs...and they did well. plus try and get in a unit of 40 night gobbos with bows couple fanatics and a gobbo bsb with spider banner to give them poison shots...do allot of damage due to the amount of shots...3 ranks to fire...two ranks when standing and shooting...and the poison works in combat too...poison heaven. for us atleast not for the enemy who have to run through a hail of poison arrows and couple fanatics just to try and get rid of the bleeders. oh and god forbid you cast gift of the spider god on them mwuahahaha

12-01-2012, 22:51
In answer to your actual question, I would take the Ogres to the tourney. They are more than competitive and should pose some serious headaches. I prefer a semblance of order over randomness with the Orcs animosity, makes for more reliable tourney play, but it really depends what your favourite army of those 2 is.

If you want some tactical advice, a couple of maneaters would be good and maybe bolster a couple of units at the Stonehorns cost. That being said, I LOVE that thing so if you really want it roll with it.