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13-01-2012, 03:38
Lord: Fateweaver


Herald of Khorne

Herald of Khorne
-Armor of Khorne
-Icon of Great Despair


Herald of Tzeentch(life)
-Master Sorcery


30 BloodLetters

30 BloodLetters
-Icon of Endless War


6 Flamers

6 Flamers

TOTAL: (2490)

My second List Involved the
-Removal of SkullTaker
-Add Masque
-Add Armor of Khorne on other Herald
-Add Pyrocaster
-Add SpellBreaker on HoT

Both lists are pretty solid, however I usually like the Skulltaker + BSB unit since they kill almost all units in CC (obviously with buffs from Herald and Fateweaver like Flesh to Stone). Most recently I have been enjoying what the Masque can do with the combination of the Icon of Great Despair. The problem is the Masque is so vulranable to shooting attacks.

13-01-2012, 04:12
I'm not sure what the point of the Despair icon is in your list. Bloodletter's will either lose by a lot or win by a lot (in my experience), a -2 to the enemy's leadership isn't that awesome given these factors (although; I suppose it may make some cursory benefit depending on what spells you choose for Kairos).

Dropping Despair will free up some points to either outfit your spare Khorne Herald, or may even be enough to get some Furies or a Fiend for warmachine hunting (as awesome as Kairos is, he can't be everywhere....)

EDIT: I'd make the Herald of Tzeentch a light wizard as well given how many Bloodletter's you have.

14-01-2012, 05:16
I probably should have posted what I take for Fateweaver. I usually take

Bironas/Dwellers/Regrowth/Throne of vines, and then Withering/Miasma/Purple Sun/ Fun Spell

Basically I keep the 2 uses of dwellers blow for anti horde usage, plus I have the combo of withering + Dwellers blow. I also have strong buffs for the Bloodletters like 2 regrowths, and 1 flesh to stone, and Bironas.

I Take the Icon of Greater Despair so it gives the oponent a tougher time when making Fear Tests and so on. I actually use to take a different Icon and had armor on the other herald, however the banner is just hands down the way to go. Today I played a beastman player with this list, and stomped him into the ground. He failed his primal fury when he needed it and it was because of my banner.

14-01-2012, 13:13
I think you might mean to take Enfeebling Foe if you're looking for a combo with Dwellers.

Also, why no Mindrazor? If you take that, and swap out one of the units of Bloodletters for Daemonettes with a Siren Song herald then the list will be much stronger.

I'm really not a fan of special characters though, especially not 2 in the same list.

15-01-2012, 12:40
I think the problem with Mindrazor is that it's just so obvious, people sort of expect you to spend the dice on it. More often than not imo, a simple Withering provides the same outcome (unless you're fighting heavily armoured guys like Chaos Warriors for example)

15-01-2012, 13:29
Withering is good a lot of the time, but Mindrazor has the main advantage of not being a remains in play spell, so once it's cast it's up for 2 rounds of combat- so, you can use it as a nice defensive tool.

24-01-2012, 14:53
that's some pretty nasty stuff you got going on there. Overall i like the list. A few things i noticed myself ( while playing deamons with a similar list)

- two big blocks of letters will have problems both smacking their points down:

usually your opponent is only going to have one pricey/deathstar/bunker unit which you want to take down with the letters. The other block i found is often stuck screwing around smackin some lower point unit, if you're lucky 2 smaller blocks but not really earning their points back as they are to slow to really chase down units that are not infantry blocks ( you can't go mopin war machines, lone character hunting etc) just my experience but i like to ditch one block of letters, bulk up the other one slightly too around 36 and with the remaining points get two units of 5 flesh doggies. Since you got the big letter block for the bulky high passive combat res blocks the doggies complent better due to them being able to also take on smaller units ( which you would have to do with the 2nd letter block) and beside that fulfill other roles you currently are lacking a little ( flanking, war machine hunting)

that said and done, it's kind of a what you like most choice, neither option is bad i just prefer to add in some dogs. Aside from that i think your list is about as hard as they get and will mostly be just point click victory, untill you roll into that empire gunline who brought a ton of cannons to the party and smacks down kairos in the first turn then we're pretty much screwed

24-01-2012, 21:27
I feel like I helped you with this list before...

I'd take the Masque, a 4+/3++ is pretty solid protection and with her movement she can hit flanks with ease. The armor, spellbreaker, and pyrocaster are all just gravy. If it's character killing you need then you have it covered with spells. Dwellers+Enfeebiling tanks even the hardiest of foes and there is no where to hide from a dwellers. The Masque also has the added benefit of being able to dispatch support units without dedicating an abundance of points on the task.

The rest of the list looks great. I'd keep the despair icon as it helps offensively and defensively.