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22-04-2006, 11:39
What can i expect from an undead vs. undead matchup, with myself as the VCs? Im going to be playing a bretonnian-themed blood dragon list (standard list, not the back one) using two units of black knights backed up with a skeleton core, with a number of skirmishing units to cause annoyance (giant bats, ghouls). the TK player has chariots, skellie horsemen, ushabti, a bone giant, archers, and his main hammer is a unit of tomb guard led by a tomb king with banner of the undying legion. i have never played against TK before, so i was wondering if the odds were against me, and what i can expect/best tactics to use against them.



22-04-2006, 12:58
Well, he doesn´t use scorpions, which is in your favour. When I play against VC I tend to send something with killing blow onto the VC general to make them crumble. Scorpions are good at that.

22-04-2006, 13:21
Sounds like a nasty match - neither side can be made to flee, and both are able to bring back their losses back. Sounds like a game where taking down the most significant characters on either side would be the way to reach something definitive.

22-04-2006, 14:52
thats what i was thinking Griefbringer; he fields a tombking and 2 liche priests(obviously one of them as the hierophant) whilst i will be fielding a tooled up blood dragon count (level 2) and his retinue of black knights, 2 necromancers (level 2 each) and a wight lord with sword of kings and the cursed shield of mousillon leading the other block of black knights.

cheers to any more comments.


Mad Makz
22-04-2006, 14:57
You can probably expect to win. It's a pretty eeasy match up for you to win I imagine, you have the superior raising and the superior combat ability, and it shouldn't be hard for you to ignore the Tomb kings unit for most of the game and take apart most of the rest of the army.

22-04-2006, 18:17
well thanks for the vote of confidence :D

and thanks to everyone for the comments!


The Devil's Right Hand
22-04-2006, 22:09
expect a very SLOW moving fight, and very little magic getting through.
however, yes, you are faster than he, and with much more hitting power, just keep his fast units from messing you up, he's gonna have to get crafty to take down your general.

Gazak Blacktoof
22-04-2006, 22:29
Be aware that nothing in the tomb king army really stops until its wiped out. Your black knights and other non-skeleton/ zombie units can't get back up, whilst everything in the tombking army can. Even if a unit of ushabti has had to slog it out with one of your units and is down to a single model they can still pose a significant threat if your opponent can force through a couple of incantations.

I would suggest saving any scrolls you have for the latter parts of the game. Tomb kings can force through a lot of movement spells later on and if you haven't got the magic defense to deal with it you'll be crumbling in no time.

The death of wizards in the early to mid part of the game will probably determine the winner, if you can kill off one of his liche priests sharpish your opponenet is going to have all manner of problems moving his army let alone out manuvering you.

Any skirmishers you've got will get flattened very quickly by chariots and once again they can be re-raised so stick to the tree line and attempt to topple them in a single round of combat from a unit of knights. Once the chariots have been cleared from the table you can repoition to take on the tomb guard and mob them.

Lastly look out for the hieratic jar and if your opponent is smart the icon of rakaph. Both of these items will increase the mobility of your opponenet's army and with the icon you just have to be aware that it might be there as you can't stop it.

23-04-2006, 14:06
I have played against VC's with my tomb kings (both allied and against) and i can tell you now that you MUST play 8 turns at least if you want to see any kind of decisive victory. Alternatively you can kill the heirophant/vampire lord...keep your necromancers safe and try anything to kill his spellcasters, the slightest advantage in the magic phase can cause a blowout in one turn. harass his liches with bats and anything else you can throw at them.

As mentioned earlier, tomb scorpions are a real killer in the undead match ups (my tomb scorpion killed 3 necromancers in 2 games) and the tomb king magic phase has a tendency not to end, so get rid of characters quickly to avoid nastiness, and if possible get rid of banner bearers as they arent much fun either. ultimately the tomb kings will have greater manouverability, but if you play your cards right you'll outnumber them pretty much from the word go, bog down the chariots in any way possible, as their flank charge is nasty especially for cruddy zombies. Lastly; prepare yourself for a very long game with drawn out combats, and obviously dont go near the tomb guard with your vamp general unless you want to lose.