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14-01-2012, 02:05
Just a quick list I threw together while playing with my book this morning. Only things that are concrete are skellie horde and varghiests. So any ideas from those with book is welcome :)
I have most models but you may of Checked my project log and am doin all new models this time so hence the choices so far

Vampire lvl 2 dread knight, quick blood, adhw. Heavy armor. Talisman of preservation- 217

40x skeletons. Full com- 230

5x dire wolves- 40

3x varghiest 138

5x black knights full com 160

Varghulf- 175

Comes out to 960 not sure where to put points. Could be for a starter unit of zombies for raising but I usually hate spending points on them..
Any help is welcome
Thank yoi

14-01-2012, 02:20
Zombies aren't half bad now for their points. Toughness 3 and better raising means they might adequately hold something up in a big horde of say 40 to start that keeps getting bigger.

For a 2500 point list right I'm not sure how the points will work but I want to include

Level 4 Vampire Lord with master of the black arts, quickblood, nightshroud+heavy armour, maybe talisman of 4+ ward save? Or a 5+ and sword of anti-heroes if it'll fit.

2 Necromancers for invocation definitely.

Wight King Battle Standard Bearer, Screaming Banner?

Possibly another Vampire for both invocation and some sort of magic weapon.

Two big units of 40 skeletons and a horde of Zombies for core. I'm not really sold on dire wolves as fast cavalry since they can't declare flee reactions and must hold.

Special will be a horde of 30 Grave Guard with great weapons since I still think they'll be good with hellish vigour or vanhel's and banner of the barrows, 12 Black Knights with lances and a Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone to help raising.

Maybe a few wraiths in rares if I have the points left over.

14-01-2012, 03:51
Dire wolves were only put In this list to make minimum core. Was 20 short.. I may just drop them and do a 40 large zombie unit I'm thinking

15-01-2012, 03:56
Changed it up a bit to make better use of some models I have already bought.

Necro- lvl 2 master of the dead, cursed book. 155

Wraith 60

35x skeletons full con. 205

5x wolves 40

5x hex wraiths 150

3x varghiest 138

5x blood knights 250

I'm actually 5 under on core so will have to add a skeleton which takes me two points over haha so need to drop something.
I dea is first round to summon up the skeletons larger send out the knight and varghiest on flanks. Hex wraiths can try their run through on small elite units.
By far from perfect but has all elements I love and uses only models Im painting for my updated Vc army