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14-01-2012, 05:28

Master necro: level 4(vampires), master of the dead, opal amulet, scroll


4 cairn wraiths

Vampire: level 2, forbidden lore (beasts), heavy armour, shield, barded nightmare, dragonhelm

Vampire: level 2(shadows), heavy armor, barded nightmare, enchanted shield


40 skeletons, spears, muso, standard, flaming banner (2 wraiths)

40 skeletons, spears, muso, standard (2 wraiths)

20 zombies

20 zombies

10 ghouls (for general)


corpse cart

11 black knights, command, lances, barding

11 black knights, command, lances, barding.

5 hexwraiths

Overall 2392

basic idea is the skelly blocks go in the middle as hordes with the zombies behind and to the flank, ghouls, master necro, corpse cart and hexwraiths behind the skelly blocks. Each vampire goes in a BK unit off to one flank.

Necro tries his hardest to put out a 12" invocation each turn to raise more into all 4 of the big units and heal the CC if it needs it, then buff and raise dead as necessary. BK stalk the flanks crushing chaff and threatening a pincer, vamps drop augs or hexes on the skeletons so they can keep pressure on in the middle. Hexwraiths wait till battle lines get close then catapult march straight through everything and go after anything hiding behind the lines the subsequent turn

might drop a few skellies for a lodestone or drop the units of knights to 9 each for some tweaking (gives me another 100 points to throw around)


14-01-2012, 05:32
Why spears? It seems like a few extra strength 3 weapon skill 2 attacks aren't going to be as valuable as the 6+ ward in combat resolution or tarpitting.

The Black Knights with a rank seem like a good investment, really threatening disruption on the flanks. Might it not be better to do a refused flank and tarpit with zombies on one flank while both black knight units blow one flank wide open, rather than risking both getting stuck?

Why so many wraiths? Seems like a big investment to see dry up to one magic weapon wielding hero. Two seems more reasonable?

Why ghouls for the necromancer bunker that isn't going to see combat? Zombies seem like a better investment, three and a third bodies for every ghoul.

14-01-2012, 05:41
I agree atleast one of the skeleton units needs to drop spears. Drop down 1 unit of knights to 9 for lodestone. And what's ghoul bunker Doing that skeletons can't for cheaper if it's just a bunker. Especially with master of the dead. Can be increased in opening turn

14-01-2012, 05:57
fair point on the necrobunker. I was going with the ghouls to discourage light sniper units going in after him. and because I want some ********ing ghouls :P

1 magic weapon wielding hero can only take out 1 wraith, not 4. Hence 4. Either take a bunch of ethereals or none at all IMO. In the combat hero dry environment of modern lists where there's generally no more than 1 magic weapon in the list, I think a mix of ethereals in the army will really put some psychological pressure on people as to where their MW equipped hero or lord goes, because two in a unit will really tip the balance in the skeletons favour, particularly if, for example, the beasts vamp puts out a savage beast on the unit. The hexwraiths are more there for their potential mobility than their etherealness. I may change them for something else depending on how things go, perhaps another corpse cart or a varghulf

Spears are in to stay. This list revolves around buffs and debuffs from all three lores. an extra 8-10 attacks start looking a lot nastier when they're strength 4 and re-rolling to hit. (miasma and corpsecart buff and wildform). I don't really care about losing an extra 3-4 per combat since I've got so many and so much raising/flanking potential. I mean, if I get invocation off for a couple of turns before they hit combat I'm looking at units of 55 or so, plus the extra pain generated by the wraiths will help mitigate enemy attacks and crumbling.

Obviously I can evolve the list tactically based on what I'm up against. If I have to deal with a hydra or abomination on one flank, the knights will probably go on the other.