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15-01-2012, 03:51
Hero 220
Vampire, Vampire lore, level 2, Barded Nightmare, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Dread Knight, 220

Core 280
Skeletons x50, Full Command, 280

Special 500
Black Knights x10, Lances, Barding, Full Command, Banner of Borrowing, 340

Hexwraiths x5, Hellwraith, 160

The basic idea here is for the skeletons to hold up any big units while the cavalry does the heavy hitting with the vampire(alone) moving freely around to keep everyone marching and in range of spells. The vampire is heavily armored with a 4+ ward, with luck he'll be ok with what ever is thrown at him. Should he find it's self in combat he will have a high WS, the idea is to keep him in a challenge where he won't die as fast.

15-01-2012, 04:05
I would prefer he vamp in the unit. That way use spell attribute to boos up the unit and protects him better. Could even drop his ward to a 5+ then and few more points to play with.
Unless kitted out for combat I wouldn't worry about dread knight. You don't want him to accept too difficult challenges and ws9 doesn't help that much against being hit

Try out fear incarnate in skeleton unit, ward and simple weapon like +1 strength. He then can dish out a little more and is still survivable and doesn't have to issue/accept challenges.