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15-01-2012, 09:45
Hi, I currently dont have the book but this is based on all the rumours, WD and other peoples point costings added. This list is based on the models I currently have except the new MI, crypt horrors. They are pretty solid, so I will probably buy these. Anyway this is the army:

Strigoi Ghoul King - Vamp
- Red Fury, Fly, dreadknight
- +3A blade, dragonbane gem, Potion of Str

Lvl 4 Necro - Death

Lvl 1 Necro - Vamp
- Scroll
2 x Cairn Wraiths

39 Ghouls w Ghast
20 Zombies - std, mus
4 x 5 Dogs

30 Grave Guard - GW, FC (Banner of the Barrows)
7 Crypt Horrors
2 x 1 Spirit Host
2 x 2 Fell Bats
7 BK with std, mus + fire banner

It comes in around 2500. Not sure on the exact point figure but I would do some massaging, take out a cairn wraith or drop a crypt horror or something. One thing I do want is to put in some Bat Swarms, but I am not sure what to take out as everything has its place.

I think this list will be good, very fast centred around 3 main blocks supported by the heros and knights. Another option is to replace the horrors with 6 vargheists (either one block or 2 x 3). This would make for an excellent hammer. If I did this i may add the shields to the GG and bump their number up a bit more to make them more of a true anvil.

15-01-2012, 11:16
I think you need the level 4 doing vampire magic. Buff up those units and raise more.
Best thing about crypt horrors is they can tar pit through regen and the amount you can raise.
Oh and the one point you made grave guard can't take shields and great weapons anymore it's a swap