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16-01-2012, 04:16
Aside from looking awesome! Looking at a fairly beefy purchase for an army building event and having never actually played WFB I'd like to make sure it might actually work somewhat and not just get tabled every game as that would make playing not so pleasant Aside from any welcome comments on what an army needs/benefits from in a general sense perhaps a look at what I'd actually like to run would help with comments so without further ado, here are at 1500 points, the Chaos Dwarves!

Daemonsmith Sorcerer L2 Wizard General lore of metal maybe looks good?

10 Infernal Guard w/ muscian and hellglaives (range 18 str 4 armour piercing +1 str in hth)
10 Infernal Guard same as above
20 Infernal Guard w/ muscian and standard, Banner of Slavery ( Hobgoblins within 12 are immune to psychology)
30 Hobgoblins
30 Hobgoblins

Magma Cannon

K'daai Destroyer

It works out to 1495 so 5 points for some trifling magic item or something. Little bit of shooting, little bit of magic, a couple sacrificial Goblin blocks, a cannon like device and a fiery lava monster thingy. Model wise it looks like what I think a WFB army should look like I just want to make sure its playable. Not great or anything but playable

16-01-2012, 04:21
Definitely playable.. And would Definitely look awesome..

16-01-2012, 04:32
Your magma cannon and destroyer will dish out plenty of damage and your infernal guard should be able to hold the line well. I'd be tempted to use handed apron shields instead of fire glaives though and buy a Khan for miss direction, more infernal guard or some armour protection for your demonsmith as you may want him to babysit your cannon.

With banner of slavery it is good but remember hobgoblins can still break from combat and having no BSB may hurt.

With your spare 5pt get either enchanted or charmed shield for demonsmith.

Not a bad list at all though for the points.

Edit: I like to use a khan on wolf with the tormentor sword. It's the price of about 12 fireglaives and is great to send straight in to an enemy wizard. If he doesn't kill the wizard he has a good chance to make it stupid for the rest of the game which in turn can ruin their magic phase.

16-01-2012, 04:46
With such slow army, I would go for more shooting. At 1500 points I bring something like this:
Lvl 3 lich w/ dragon bane gem
10 archers
11 chariots (in separate units) 1 with full command and +1 movement banner
3 ushabti with GW.. against this list, I would probably bring the great bows
2 Warsphinx w/ fiery breath upgrade.

Even without the movement spell, that is a lot of turn 2 charges. With so little shooting, a fast list will give you trouble.
That being said, it would be a very fun list to play. I have always had a thing for chaos dwarves..

16-01-2012, 15:18
The other option I was looking at, after all the BsB comments it seems like they are really recomended, is:

Daemonsmith L2
Castellan BsB

2x 10 Infernal Guard w/ Fireglaive & Musician
20 Infernal Guard w/ Musician (BsB goes here?)
20 Hobgoblins (with the LD 9 and reroll from the BsB i shouldnt need the slave banner?)

Iron Daemon War Engine
Dreadquake Mortar w/ Ogre Loader & Steam Carriage

Leaves 25 points for miscellaneous magic items etc.

The Iron Daemon would seem to fulfill the same purpose as the K'Daai Destroyer while the dreadquake instead of Magma Cannon is mostly cosmetic it again would have roughly the same purpose as artillery? I think I'd prefer the look of the evil steam train to the Destroyer in all honesty. The army building event is for 1500 points which was a shame as it doesnt leave enough points for the model which attracted me to the Chaos Dwarves in the first place, the Sorcerer on Bale Taurus. But if i was to expand it to 2000 points for general play would I be able to add the Level 4 Prophet on Taurus for 445 and play? That would take me to 1895 without magic items with the train or 1940 without magic items and the original list idea.

Thanks for all the replies so far its very helpful for someone trying to get into the hobby it speaks really well for the WFB gaming community in general! Cheers