View Full Version : Vampire 1k, any tips/advice/comments please

16-01-2012, 19:34
Well my copy of the new army book arrived in the post today, so I thought I would start with a 1k list then based on the comments improve the list and then use it as a foundation for a larger force. Any advice, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, the small skeleton unit is simply a unit for the necromancer to hide in behind the main battle line. Not sure about the wraiths but thought they could be useful against some nasty monster which normally be difficult to deal with in smaller lists. Thanks :)

Master Necromancer
Level four Wizard
Talisman of endurance
Master of the dead

40 skeletons
Full command

10 skeletons 50

20 Grave Guard
Full command
Great weapons
Banner of the barrows

3 cairn wraiths 150