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vinny t
17-01-2012, 02:48
Master Necromancer
-Level 4 (Lore of Vampires)
-Dispel Scroll
-Rod of Flaming Death

Vampire BSB
-Level 2 ( Lore of Vampires)*
-Aura of Dark Majesty
-Dark Acolyte
-Heavy Armor
-Enchanted Shield
-Talisman of Endurance*

-Level 2 ( Lore of Vampires)
-Heavy Armor
-Sword of Might

63 Skeletons
-full command
-Banner of Flame

30 Zombies

30 Zombies

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

40 Grave Guard
-full command
-Banner of the Barrows

Spirit Host

Spirit Host

Spirit Host


5 Blood Knights
-standard and musician

So this list basically has the Grave Guard and the Skeletons do most of the fighting while my chaff takes out theirs. The Spirit hosts and wolves are for delaying deathstars or taking out war machines.

17-01-2012, 04:52
I would be more inclined to go wight bsb and a almost naked necro instead of the vamp bsb. Spreads the wounds and wights are little more durable and can pack a punch in GW grave guard. Hittin and wounding tough units like Saurus on 2s

It's a pretty much a really nice balanced list. I wouldn't have problems playing with or against it

17-01-2012, 06:36
Looks nice. I would prefer the banner of Blood Keep on the Blood Knights, without it, heck even with it, they will face all the firepower of the enemy, if they know what is good for them. Without the banner they will not last, Imagine even the signature metal spell! Drop a spirit host + something to afford the banner is my suggestion.

17-01-2012, 08:12
Your Necromancer Lord can't have the Rod and the Scroll; as they are both Arcane Items. The 'Scrolls don't count' clause was removed in 8th Edition.

Where do your characters go?

I am wondering if you really need over 60 Skeletons. Couldn't you just take 50 with characters, invest the points for 4 into giving your Lord Master of the Dead and then summon more? That would give you some points to buy a banner for the knights.

Could you change one of your Vampires to Shadow? I understand that you want lots of IoNs to raise more Zombies and keep the army going, but most of the high-level Vampire Spells are kind of a letdown, so your guys will be stuck with some weak spells. If one of them goes Shadow, you should be able to roll one of the easier to cast hexes and swap your other spell for the signature hex to have some way of weakening enemies. Of course, you could also hope to get a pit or a mindrazor, but I think the hexes are far stronger in shadow magic.

I am also sceptical about the points you invest in getting a 3+ Armour save for your Vampires. Wouldn't a simple additional handweapon in addition to Quickblood be a better deal? 5 S5 rerollable attacks sound good enough to me, especially if you keep him safe by issuing challenges every round (maybe not against Chaos Lords, but he has a fighting chance against a lot I'd say). Especially if you give him Knight for WS8. But I guess that that's not that good if a cunning opponent exploits it.

vinny t
17-01-2012, 22:32
Thanks for the comments. I'll try to address them one at a time.

First off, I should clarify where the characters are going. I'll probably put both of the vampires into the skeleton unit to add some much needed punch and bunker the master necro behind my main lines in a zombie unit. I don't feel like any character support is needed in the Grave Guard.

Now my necro can take both the Rod and Dispel Scroll as the Rod in an enchanted item, not arcane like last book.

The reason for the excessivly large unit of skeletons is mainly because I need to make core.

I want to keep the Blood Knights pretty cheap and able to be sacrificed if necessary. Even with a ward save I dont think it would even be that effective.

I actually considered switching a single Vampire to Shadow because of the nice debuffs. However I do like the idea of triple invocation. Does anyone else have an idea to weigh in? I'm torn.

I think the armor save is needed to keep these Vampires alive so they can kill units. Same with the issue of the extra hand weapons versus Sword of Might. I like the S6 so I can get through heavily armored stuff.