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vinny t
17-01-2012, 02:50
-Black Dragon
-Crown of Command
-Pendant of Khaleth
-Armor of Darkness
-Great Weapon

-Level 2 (lore of fire)
-Dispel Scroll

-level 2 (lore of shadow)
-Tome of Furon
-Seal of Ghrond

Hag BSB*
-Cauldren of Blood

20 Repeater Crossbowmen
-standard and musician

20 Repeater Crossbowmen
-standard and musician

6 Dark Riders
-repeater crossbows

8 Shades
-extra HWs

10 Cold One Knights
-Full command
-Ring of Hotek

Cold One Chariot


This list hits hard and fast. I decided to forgo double hydra to make it a little more friendly. Basically I can apply pressure wherever I want and just crush one unit at a time.

17-01-2012, 03:33
Armour of Darkness on a mounted character is a wate of the magic armour slot- if you give him heavy armour, SDC and the Dragonhelm he ends up with a 2+ save and a 2+ ward vs flaming for less points. It's just a slightly more efficient way of kitting him. I'd be inclined to run him with a shield, and to give him the Whip of Agony instead of the a great weapon- you trade 1 less pip of strength for an extra attack (which has the same effect on armour), and you get to use his awesome I. Also, you've already got plenty of S6 attacks on there from the dragon's attacks and tapdance- I think overall the Whip, Pendant and Dragonhelm are better if you don't want him to be Stubborn.

If you're going to go with Shadow on a level 2, I think you really need to go with both level 2s on it to be sure you get the spells you need- with the Dragon/knight bus, you really need to be able to Mindrazor yourself out of any tight spots.

I'm not really a fan of core xbows, and I'm not sure they fit the list that well- most of the things that'll be worth shooting at you'll end up running the dragon/knight bus/both into, so they'll run out of worthy targets fairly often, at which point they'll just start clearing chaff- which you could do just as well with half as many. I think a dedicated combat block would suit you better, even if it's just a unit of warriors. Also, I would strongly advise creating a unit of 15-20 warriors with the Standard of Discipline to put those mages in- the magic is crucial to this list, and even with a re-roll ld8 is a bit risky for those mages to be taking panic tests on, but with the Discipline buff you become a fair bit more secure.

If you could get the ASF banner onto the knights that'd be great, it gives them, some real staying power.

17-01-2012, 07:51
Love this list, and agreed with tmarichards, shadow is a great lore because it enables elves to take on high tougness/heavily armoured units and beasties, which is something they often find quite difficult.

As for RXB's, they are great, and with shields they are decent in combat (as a last resort of course).

Frankly I think the dark riders are unnecessary, bulking up the shades or adding some more combat troops would serve you much better. (Another chariot would be pretty tasty come to think of it...)