View Full Version : Updating my 2500 points Vampires to the new book (input wanted)

17-01-2012, 12:24

as many of you, I am currently updating my list to the new edition. The aim is to create a solid force that can grind any opponent down by using magic and synergy.

Vampire Lord (Level 4): Master of the Black Arts, Aura of Dark Majesty, Black Periapt, Talisman of Protection, Heavy Armour and Extra Handweapon: 545 points
Caster Lord to control the Winds of Magic and manipulate the dice pool with the MotBA and Periapt. Solid Protection with a 4+ Ward and decent offensive output with 6 S5 attacks.

39 Grave Guard: Shields, Full Command: 459 points
The Lord's Bodyguard horde

Necromancer (level 2): Master of the Dead, Rod of Flaming Dead: 160 points
Backup summoner to keep the Skeletons and Zombies going. The Rod seems to be a surefire way to draw dispel dice or a good way to hump a unit at the end of the phase, as 1 S4 hit per model in the unit can be devastating to hordes.

Vampire: Quickblood, Extra Handweapon, Heavy Armour, Dispel Scroll: 167 points
5 S5 attacks with reroll to provide an offensive edge to the Skeletons and act as a bodygard for the Necromancer. Gets Shadow Magic to debuff enemies and change places with the Lord or the Necro if necessary.

30 Skeletons: Spears, Full Command: 180 points
Deployed as a horde with the Necro and the Vampire. Hopefully I can up them soon enough to get them 40+ strong

Vampire: Quickblood, Extra Handweapon, Heavy Armour, Book of Arkhan: 167 points
Also gets Shadow's Signature spell

39 Ghouls: Ghast: 400 points
Horde number 3

24 Zombies: Standard and Musician: 82
Filler to be upped quickly to form a roadblock

Corpse Cart: Lodestone: 120
Will advance behind the hordes to spread ASF to them.

Mortis Engine: 220
Same to create a Regeneration bubble

Exactly 2500 points

The plan is to advance the 3 hordes with the Grave Guard in the centre, placing the Lord to keep every unit in 12 inches. The Zombies anchor one flank, with the other protected by the table edge. The two chariots go behind the line to reduce the effectiveness of enemy fire and provide boosts for the army.

Any comments?

17-01-2012, 17:15
Seems very good, I am already playing vampire Counts for 11 years and I think this is a very good list :) Perhaps if you liked to go to 3000 points once a Terrorgheist and a upgrade with 30 skeletons with spears should be nice ;)

17-01-2012, 17:40
No Banner of the Barrows? for <10% of the final cost of the unit, I'd say the +1 to hit on their attacks is worthwhile. Since you haven't gone with GWs, perhaps it's OK to omit.

Excited to hear how the rod of flaming death performs.

Your list lacks real punch (outside of your 3 vampires :P), with no GW on the GG. You will really dominate magic, however. One variant worth trying might be swapping out the Mortis Engine for a special/rare heavy hitter

17-01-2012, 20:14
You really lack support. Yes, you can raise stuff very quickly, but with basically only 3 blocks that can accomplish anything, you may rather quickly run into problems. Even just a couple of spirit swarms to block enemies with ethereal would help a lot.

I would agree that great weapons on the guard sounds like a good idea. One would hope that with so many points dropped into magic, you wouldn't have too many issues keeping them alive. Or undead.